How to downsize your home when moving

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    Downsize your home. It’s very important, especially if you are moving to a smaller living space. If you’re planning to move, one of the essential things to do is to get rid of your excess stuff. And there are many benefits in doing so. You will fewer things to pack, you won’t pay for transportation of unnecessary things, and you will not needlessly clutter your new home. If you are moving to a smaller home, you should take a blueprint of your new place and plan the furniture layout in advance. If you start planning on time, you will lower the possibility of mistake. So you don’t end up in your new home with two spoons but no fork. Long distance movers Florida will move anything, but if you get rid of unnecessary items, your moving cost will be lower, and it will be much easier to pack and move.

    Items that no one is using will downsize your home after throwing them out
    Remove the items you don’t ever use to downsize your home

    What to get rid of first if you want to downsize your home when moving

    First thing you should do when preparing for the move is to think about your new space and come up with a furniture layout for your new home. Furniture is the most complicated thing to pack and move, because of its size and weight. So your first assignment is to come up with furniture pieces to get rid of. The more things you leave the easier your move will be, and cheaper, too.

    For this, you will need to get a floor plan of your new home. This part is very significant. If you have exact measurements of your new home you can precisely plan where to put your bed and where the table will fit. This is most important when you are moving to a smaller home.

    Reading a blueprint to downsize your home
    Find a blueprint of your new property

    How to plan future furniture layout

    If you want to plan your furniture layout in advance, the most important thing is to have exact measurements. For both, your new home and your old furniture. You can easily find dimensions of rooms on an official blueprint if you can get one. If you are moving to Miami you can get a property blueprint’s copy at Miami Riverside Center – 444 SW 2nd Ave. When you obtain your new home dimensions it is time to measure your furniture. You will need their exact dimensions if you want to plan your future furniture layout properly and precisely.

    Plan a downsize of your home when moving

    Planning where your furniture could fit in your new home is a first step to downsizing your home when moving. Maybe your old table cannot fit in your new kitchen, or the closet is too wide for the room you were planning to put it in. You can do this easily with the help of floor planning websites. There are many such websites that are perfect for this. But, is probably the best one. It lets you create your room layout with exact dimensions. And there is a wide array of furniture piece examples that you can then move around and resize as you like until you find a perfect layout. You can even see your plan in 3D, just to make sure that everything looks as it should be. This is the best way to figure out what to do with your furniture when moving.

    Remove the junk to downsize your home when moving

    After you finish with downsizing your large furniture you can start thinking about smaller things. First, you need to search through your whole house, identify and throw out the junk. Every home has junk; even the neatest homes are not spared from rubbish. So grab a trash bag and pick up all your junk and throw it out. After you remove all items that are obviously unwanted you can start thinking about separating your valuable belongings.

    Leave the decision for after the move

    You should separate your things into two groups. One for the things you are surely planning to keep. And one for the items you are not sure about. Small things are not that hard to move. And would be smart if you could leave that decision making for after the move. This is one of the best home improvement Florida tips you will get, but it also carries a danger of cluttering your new home. So, you need to be absolutely sure that you will do this after the move. If you are not sure that you will have time to do this later, you can do it before the move. But, you should know that if you start discarding your items before you see and feel your new space, you could accidentally discard things that could be of use in your new home.

    Garage sale to downsize your home
    Organize a garage sale to downsize your home

    What to do with your excess items?

    After you are done with downsizing, you will be left with many items. And you should think about how to get rid of them properly. If you have lots of items, you could make a yard or garage sale. This will additionally fill your moving budget. If you have a few items left after downsizing, depending on their condition, you could donate them or recycle them. If you have some technical equipment or dangerous liquids, you should inform yourself how to dispose of them properly.

    Ways to get rid of excess items

    • If you are left with many items after you downsize your home you could make a garage sale
    • Sell over the internet
    • Donate your items to a charity organization
    • Recycle your items that are not worth donating or selling
    • Throw it in the trash

    Lower your relocation costs with downsizing your home and finding affordable movers

    One of the benefits of downsizing your home when moving is lowering your relocation costs. The weight and the amount of stuff that you are moving are the most important factors in determining your relocation cost. So if you want to significantly lower your moving bill you should get rid of your large and heavy items before the move. Smaller things can wait for after the move. As they are not heavy and don’t take much space in the moving truck. If you think that removing your large and heavy items is not enough to significantly lower your moving cost. Hire cheap movers Miami. They are cheap and they have higher professional standards than much more expensive moving companies do.

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