How to donate office equipment?

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    When relocating your office, you might find yourself having more equipment than needed. Maybe you realized that your offices are just too big and you needed to downsize, thus ending up with a surplus of tech. Or you decided to get some new equipment for your office when moving it. So, what do you do with your old equipment? Do you try to sell it? Find a storage North Miami Beach to put it there? For how long will you keep it? One of the best options you can do when dealing with this issue is to simply donate office equipment you don’t use anymore. If you don’t know how to do it properly, then this article is for you!

    Check that everything is working before you donate office equipment

    A blank screen PC - make sure everything is working before you donate office equipment.
    Make sure everything is working before you donate it.

    If you want to donate your stuff, one of the first things you need to do is figure out if they are still working. It is a horrible practice to donate broken things. This only puts more chores in the hands of the people receiving donations. So, start every machine you have, and make sure they are working. Even if they are not able to fulfill your company’s demands anymore, you need to know if someone else will be able to use them. Create an inventory list of all the working components of your equipment, and put them in the donation box. Prepare those that don’t work for recycling.

    Another thing you should also take note of is that the equipment is already ready for use. You should try to avoid donating items that will require extra purchases by the person who gets it. For example, if you are donating a stapler, then you should also include a couple of boxes with staples. Otherwise, the person who got the stapler will need to purchase these on their own or wait for another donation of staplers. This is why you need to make sure that everything is in order and prepared for use before you donate office equipment.

    Think about who you will donate office equipment to

    Once you have figured out what you will be donating, you need to think about who will receive those donations. One of the first people on your mind should be local organizations. These people, as well as most of the non-profit programs, have some kind of an office (even if it is an office in a Miami apartment) that needs equipment. Helping them is not only nice but will also serve the local community.

    When you figure out who you want to donate office equipment to, pick up the phone and call them. You need to make sure they are in need of equipment and are willing to receive it. Tell them how many items you have and ask about their needs. Maybe they already have everything that you offer, so you can help someone else entirely.

    A chart and a hand pointing.
    Decide who will benefit the most from your donation.

    You should also think about what kind of organization you are donating to. If the organization wants to use the supplies you offer in their office, they might only need one or a couple of the items. On the other hand, organizations that redistribute the items to others in need will find bigger numbers of equipment and supplies more helpful. So, when picking an organization, take into account just how many things you are able to donate.

    Help the organizations in other ways

    If you feel really strongly about an organization’s goals, then there are other ways you can help them other than just donating your equipment. One of these is organizing a donation drive. Simply, you can visit local cafes or stores, and talk to the owners. Explain that the organization has needs for some supplies, and set up boxes for donations. These should include what supplies and equipment the organization’s needs, so people can know what they are giving away, and who they are donating to.

    Another thing you can do is set up some cheap Miami Movers to move all this equipment for the organization. Getting commercial movers can sometimes be pricey, so by helping them through this process, you will take part of their burden on your shoulders. Sometimes, an organization might not have the time or the resources for these and, by helping them, you will be giving back to your community in an important way.

    A group fist bumping.
    Help your local community in any way you can.

    Finally, if they are in need of office space, you can help them find affordable office space in Miami. These are sometimes hard to come by in the current climate, so any help is always appreciated. Maybe you will end up needing office space too, and you can pay the lease together and share the space you have. This is fairly cheap for smaller companies and is becoming very popular throughout the country.

    What to do when you can’t find an organization?

    Even if you cannot find an organization you would donate office equipment to, you should not worry. There are many other opportunities waiting for you. If this is the case, you should try and think outside the box. There are many people who can make great use of old office equipment. Many after-school programs, as well as art-based day camps, need office supplies and equipment in their work. You should try contacting them and see if they might have need of your equipment.

    Finally, you should also consider local small business incubators when you want to donate office equipment. These are the organizations that help people with business ideas get on their feet. Sometimes, people will not have money – which you need a lot to start a new business – and any donation they can get is always great. This is another amazing way in which you can help your community. You never know when a great business idea might blossom into a successful company. This may lead to you getting a great new partner just from one small donation.

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