How to dismantle your aquarium when moving to FL?

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    Relocation is a process that requires a lot of effort. It will take you a lot of time to prepare the relocation, and this is especially true if you own an aquarium. Some people might forget about their aquarium and lose a lot of time or even abandon the aquarium altogether. Do not be one of those people – start to dismantle your aquarium early. If you do this properly you will make your relocation to Florida much easier, so find out how to do it in this article.

    Organize your time properly

    When you want to move to Florida the aquarium will be the last thing on your mind. This can be very bad since if you figure out you didn’t take care of your aquarium near the relocation day you can have a very bad time. This can be very bad for you and your fish, so do not procrastinate. If you want to pack like a professional, be sure you take your time while you pack fragile items. Make sure you do not make any mistakes since it can cost you a lot of money.

    Get supplies you need to dismantle your aquarium

    The first step you need to take when you try to dismantle your aquarium is to get the supplies you need. First, make sure you get your net and a few buckets for your fish. Be sure you get some boxes with thick walls. It is very easy to find free moving boxes Miami. These will make your relocation much cheaper.  Another important thing you need to get is a siphon hose. Aquariums are very fragile so do not forget to get some materials that can protect the aquarium while it is in the box. The best option for this is bubble wrap. If you want to save money you can stack some old newspapers or old clothes.

    Bubble wrap. this is very useful when you dismantle your aquarium
    It is a great idea to get as much bubble wrap or other soft materials in order to protect the aquarium

    Before you dismantle your aquarium, empty it

    First thing you need to do when you want to dismantle your aquarium is empty it. It is impossible to move a filled aquarium. First, empty the aquarium until it’s half full. Afterward, remove the fish with net gently. If you have a large amount of fish you will have to use a few buckets. Be sure you do not fill the buckets completely since it will be very easy to spill them if they are full.

    An aquarium
    It is important to remove the wish and water from your tank before you dismantle it

    Take care of the buckets

    When you place all your pets into their temporary home be sure you count them. Make sure you close the buckets with their lids. It is very important that oxygen enters the bucket so you can poke some holes on the lid. If the relocation lasts long it is a good idea to use air pumps or airstones. Once this is done your pets will be safe while you move to your new home in Miami.

    Pack any decorations or devices before you dismantle your aquarium

    Once you make sure the aquarium is empty and you take care of the fish you need to take care of the accessories of your aquarium. Remove all decorations like rocks or castles or plants or devices like pumps or filters. Once you do this you need to dry them out and place them in boxes. If the things you pack are fragile you need to make sure they do not break so use some soft materials to protect them.

    An aquarium
    Empty the aquarium from all the decorations while you dismantle your aquarium

    Packing the aquarium

    It is very important to make sure your aquarium stays safe while you move. When you do not pack your valuable items properly you increase the risk of damage to your items. This can ruin your relocation to Miami. If it is possible to dismantle your aquarium into a few pieces this is the first step. If it is not the case you need to use the bubble wrap or the soft materials of your choice to make your aquarium does not break while you move. Make sure you also get a large box, once you get the box place any soft materials you use on the bottom. Once you place the aquarium into the box add another layer on top. Make sure you properly seal the box.

    A box
    Get a box and place some soft materials in the box to make sure your aquarium does not break

    Place the aquarium into the moving truck

    After you dismantle your aquarium and pack it properly you need to place it into the truck. Some aquariums can be very large so be sure you look for help. Ask some friends or hire movers.  Be careful not to damage the aquarium and place it as flat as possible. Do not place any heavy items on the aquarium.

    Hire professional help to dismantle your aquarium

    When you want to dismantle your aquarium and move it is a great idea to hire professional movers. Professional movers make moving to Miami Beach much easier. Movers will take care of all your items which include your aquarium. They have much more experience in these kinds of tasks. They will have a much lesser chance to damage your aquarium.

    When people move they do not think about things like aquariums. Do not be one of these people, do not forget about your pets. Be sure you dismantle your aquarium on time so you do not add any stress to your relocation. There will be stress while you move but you do not need to increase it for any reason. If you do everything on time you will be able to make decisions that are more rational and you will lower the chances of mistakes. We hope this article helps you dismantle your aquarium and move to Florida.

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