How to decorate your office space?

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    After we wrote about home design ideas, we decided to give you some tips on how to decorate your office space. We spend more than half of our waking hours at work. While in the office you must be productive, creative and social. The design of your office affects how you feel and think in a great manner. If you have not consciously noticed how your mood is affected in different circumstances, most certainly you tried to fight for the seat near the windows. Or thought about how you would like to decorate your office space. That is your psychological need for a pleasant space.

    In addition, as an employer, it is important to note that people expect to be happy and are looking for experience, not just a salary. Decorating your office space to make them feel fulfilled at work will not only help you in the hiring process but will also save you money. Because unhappy employees don’t like coming to work, therefore they tend to take more sick days and be less productive.

    If you are moving from one office to another, that can be a great opportunity to get rid of things you do not need. And consequently, change the decoration of your office. Ask your office movers what they can transport because there are some things they can’t. That will make your job around decorating your office space much easier.

    Here are some ideas for decorating your office to make it a pleasant place

    Personalize your working space

    Decorate your office space with a few picture frames, plants or decorative cup holders. Deciding what your workspace looks like, you will feel more confident in your team and increase productivity. As an employer, let your employees have some freedom in how their working space looks. Perhaps even provide a small allowance for them to buy something that makes them feel “at home” at their desk.

    Use windows and plants

    Unfortunately, the walls in many companies are white brick, and there are no decorations. But, naturally, people want to be outside and look for every way to do that. Science proved that looking at nature relaxes the mind. So, for your employees, it is a way for relief. And if you do not have windows, then bring nature to you! Having a nearby plant will help you recover from difficult activities and reduce stress. Try bringing plants that do not require much work around them. If you are not sure which ones are those, use the Internet and look for the best office plants.

    Pay attention to color, lighting and shape

    Different colors have a different effect on how we perform. Blue and green help us with our creativity, and red seems to help us pay attention to detail. Lighting is also an important factor. Dimmer lights contribute to freedom and, therefore, creativity. While brighter atmospheres help to evoke analytical and evaluative thinking. Using a circle and avoiding a square can help create an attractive space and cause brain activity associated with reward and aesthetic evaluation. Sitting in a circle also promotes cooperation and teamwork.

    Decorate your office space - conference room
    No wonder many companies avoid using square tables in their conference rooms

    Make a plan first

    Cannot decide what you want it to look like? Do not want to fix holes or return everything that you just bought? It is understandable. Usually, you have only one shot, and you could be completely worried about what your office space would look like. To solve the problem, try picturing everything you want to do. If you have some extra time and skills, you can even draw it. On a computer or on paper, it is totally up to you. Also, you can ask your coworkers what they think about your ideas to decorate your office space. That way, you will prevent possible complaints about something in your office. Keep in mind that we are not all the same and we do not like the same things.

    You can also find a wired grid or use the binding bar to create a personalized space. This will allow you to move your decorations without any consequences and change the layout as much as you want. And it will also be much easier to pack your office in case you need to move.

    What are some small details you can use to decorate your office space?

    Decorating the whole office is useful, definitely. But, what about your desk? There are some things you can do to make your personal working space feel like home.

    Decorate your office space
    You should decorate your office space the way you like it
    1. Hang the wire to display the images. Of course, the frames can decorate your office space, but they also add to the mess. And you must admit that it is much more interesting to look at photo wire.
    2. Keep notes in colored holders. Instead of attaching little papers to the wall or stick passwords to your computer, use colorful note holders to keep notes at one place. Or, make it more fun using them to display sublime quotes or messages that will keep you throughout the day.
    3. Add decorations to your boards to give them personality. It’s easy to give even the simplest schedule a little bit of life, using a decorative tape or various color of markers. Suddenly, you will not be so scared to see all the meetings that you have.
    4. Use fun magnets. Select suitable magnets and pressure pins for the magnetic or cork board. This is a simple, cheap way to make a statement. And they are so small that you can really go crazy with bright colors.
    5. Use decorative book holders. There are many fresh, fashionable and even bizarre options that you will like. And your files will look much better between something beautiful.
    6. Bring your own mug. You know that in any case, you will have a half-filled cup of coffee on your table. So instead of using a cup of the company or boring one, keep your caffeine in something that fits your style better.
    7. Add some style to your writing instruments. Even if the rest of your desk is simple and rare, the colorful pen will make your work much more fun.

    Why do you need to decorate your office space at all?

    Decorate your office space with natural lighting and a big window.
    Decorating your office space will make your working hours go faster

    When faced with rigid schedules, landlord restrictions and budget, it is difficult to make the design of your office space a priority. And we realize that. However, those little things can help you and your employees to be productive and happy. And don’t worry if you have to move after you decorate your office space, Orange Movers will transport everything without problems.

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