House Moving Tips: Moving to a Larger Home

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    House Moving Tips: Moving to a Larger Home

    Home ownership is a big part of the American dream, and it’s a great feeling when you buy your first starter home. But eventually, you might run out of space, especially if you start a family. Many people eventually move into a larger home in Miami Gardens that has the space they need. But moving to a new house can take some adjustment.

    When Upsizing is the Right Decision

    Larger houses don’t just cost more — they also incur more ongoing expenses for heating, cooling, and other utilities. However, in many cases, it’s worthwhile, as long as you can afford it. It’s possible that your current home really is way too small. When you start having children, more stuff comes with them. Indoor toys, outdoor toys, clothes, high chairs, playpens — it all takes up space. Your small house can easily get overwhelmed by all the clutter. And if it’s stopping you from moving comfortably and quickly through hallways, that can be a fire hazard. The extra costs of a larger house can be offset by the benefits of more space — and of course, the peace and quiet that comes along with it.

    House Moving Tips for Relocating to a Larger Home

    Here are some helpful tips for planning your house moving process.

    • Review the space available at your new residence. You’ll want to plan what items go in each room, but if you have significantly more space, you might need to buy a few more items of furniture. However, space can fill up more quickly than you think. If you can sketch your new home’s layout to scale, you can get an idea of where and how things will fit into it.
    • Buy any essentials you need before you move. Your newer, bigger kitchen might have cabinets and counters that are built to accommodate a different size fridge. Or, a child who used to share a room with their sibling might be getting their own room now. It’s a good idea to buy new furniture and appliances beforehand, if possible, if it’s something you’re really going to need. The guest rooms and formal living room can probably wait, though.
    • Estimate your new total living expenses. Your property taxes, mortgage, utilities, and other expenses may go up along with your square footage. You’ll need to plan for your new financial situation before you even buy the house.
    • Sell your home before you move, if possible. It’s usually not very practical to move when you still own the old house. This can leave you making payments on multiple properties, which can be a financial drain. It’s a good idea to find a buyer as soon as you can, before the actual house moving. The good news here is that it’s a seller’s market right now.
    • Schedule your move well ahead of time. House moving companies tend to be booked well in advance, so you don’t want to try to find someone at the last minute. Instead, you should start making arrangements in advance. It’s a good idea to get nonbinding estimates from more than one moving company, to get a better idea of what you’ll pay. This helps you control for companies that might be overcharging, as well as questionable companies with suspiciously low rates. In Florida, estimates must be itemized.

    Hiring Professional House Movers

    Trying to DIY a move is more trouble than it’s worth, especially when you have kids to take care of. Furniture is heavy, and moving it yourself is physically and mentally stressful. Instead, it’s a better idea to just hire house movers to take care of it for you. Doing so will leave you with one less thing to worry about during the moving process, which is already hectic and stressful anyway.

    Movers for Houses in Miami Gardens

    Looking for house moving companies in Miami Gardens? At Orange Movers, we help homeowners and renters throughout the Miami area with both local and long-distance moving. Our friendly professional movers get things done in a timely manner, while making sure your possessions are safe during transport. To find out more, call us any time, or fill out our online contact form.

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