House Moving: Finding the Perfect New Home in North Miami

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    House Moving: Finding the Perfect New Home in North Miami

    Does your current home leave something to be desired? Maybe it’s a bit too small for your growing family, or maybe you’re not districted for the right public school. Maybe it’s just too far from the amenities you need, and you’d prefer to live somewhere a bit more vibrant.

    North Miami has a variety of cool neighborhoods with wonderful houses, from small starter homes to expansive mansions. Before you start planning for house moving, you’ll need to find the perfect place. Once you do, a professional house moving company can take care of relocating all of your belongings to your new abode.

    It’s a Seller’s Market

    Currently, the real estate market is more beneficial for sellers than for buyers. That’s good for selling your old home, but it can be difficult to find an appealing new house that’s affordable and in a good location. Starter homes are especially hard to find right now in North Miami and the surrounding area. Throughout the United States, there are 6% fewer homes on the market in 2016 than there were a year ago, and 10% fewer starter homes.

    There are a variety of reasons for this. The 2008 housing crash is something the nation still hasn’t quite recovered from. Many homeowners owe more on their houses than the houses are actually worth, making them quite hesitant to sell until prices go up and they’re able to gain more equity.

    High rents are also a factor, especially if you’re looking for a starter home. Many people who bought additional single family properties before 2008 have held onto them, making a substantial profit by renting them out.

    Homes for sale are going fast, and you have to be slightly aggressive if you want to close the deal. With that said, though, you should still shop around before house moving. It’s not always best to jump on the first property that comes along.

    Figure Out Your Priorities

    Figure out what exactly you’re looking for in a new home. Price range, of course, is a factor for almost everybody. That 10,000 square foot waterfront mansion might sound awesome, but it might not be in your budget. Speaking of square footage, that’s also a concern for many people, especially those with children. Do you want extra space for a playroom or a nursery? Does each child need to have their own room? This can help you narrow down your options.

    Along with qualities of the house itself, location is also a factor. If you have children, it may be important to be in a good public school district. There’s also the character of the neighborhood. An area with vibrant nightlife and a lot of nearby bars and clubs sounds awesome to some people, but undesirable to others. You’ll also want to factor in your work commute. Is that amazing house really worth a two hour car ride each way?

    Planning for House Moving

    Once you’ve found the perfect place, bought it, and assumed full ownership, it’s time to plan your actual move. If you’re downsizing to a smaller place, you might need to sell or donate some of your furniture or belongings. If you’re moving into a larger house, you might have the opposite problem, with too few things to fully fill out all the rooms at first.

    It’s always a good idea to plan ahead, giving yourself plenty of time to move. You should also hire a professional house moving company for the big day. Many people try to rent a U-haul and DIY the process, but that’s easier said than done. Furniture is big, bulky, and heavy, and you might find that you get more than you bargained for. Hiring professional movers will make the process faster and more efficiently. Plus, it’s one less thing for you to worry about after packing.

    House Movers in North Miami

    If you’re thinking about moving, the first step is to find a house and buy it successfully. In today’s housing market, this is often the hardest part. But once you’ve done that, all you need to do is pack up, hire a moving company, and move into your new home. At Orange Movers, we offer residential moving services throughout North Miami and the surrounding area. To find out more, call us any time.

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