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    Home renovation is an exciting thing, and almost always a good thing to do. If you want to increase home value, then you should know which home improvement projects to avoid because they will not add value. Even if you do not want to sell your home now, maybe you will want it in the future. If you are a contractor or a real estate agent, you must know how to earn money and not to invest it in home improvements that will not end up well.

    Of course, renovation projects are requiring a lot of work and patience. Your home will be in a mess for a couple of days or even weeks. It is easier to renovate a home without a lot of furniture around. So, a simple solution for this problem is to find affordable storage South Florida and store all your items.

    These are home improvement projects to avoid

    If you are thinking about renovating and changing a home, then first you should do a little research. Luckily you can find out what to do here, as we can help. At one place you can get all the right information about which home improvements project will increase your home value. After that, you can stay in your home for a while or sell it immediately, while it is still fresh-looking. Do research about Florida real estate and see what the average prices are, and what people are searching when buying a home for them.

    Two friends are renovating home.
    Make a plan and increase home value with renovation projects.

    Upgrades in your bathroom

    A new and renovated bathroom is always a huge plus, of course. But, spending too much money on your bathroom will not pay off. It is enough to have a classic bathroom with basic items inside. Sauna or a double toilet will not pay off. Basic items are tiles, a toilet, shower/tub, sink, a mirror, and a little storage for towels and accessories. Do not put all your focus on bathroom and kitchen.

    Swimming pool and hot tubs

    Swimming pools and hot tubs are a great way to relax. They look amazing and stunning, to be honest, and it is one of the best luxury home upgrades. Especially in hot, sunny days, they are a piece of heaven. But, installing a new pool in your backyard is not a good idea if you want to sell your home. It is one of the worst home improvements projects, and that is why you should avoid it. Also, luxury showers are not a necessary thing to install. Buyers will see a pool like one thing that will “eat” their money every month.

    Do not add a home office

    If a buyer wants to have a home office, then he will make one after buying a home. It is better to have one bedroom more than less. You will spend at least $15,000 on your home office and you will be lucky if you get 50 percent back when selling your home. Be realistic, most people do not work from home. Most people want to spend time with their friends and family after work, not in their office.

    A desk with a laptop and other small items on it.
    Be realistic – do you really need a home office? It’s one of the home improvement projects to avoid.

    Built-in aquarium and electronics

    The same thing as swimming pool. It will not pay off, for sure. Aquarium looks very nice, but for most people, it is useless because most people do not know how to take care of fish. It is a huge commitment and it will turn off potential buyers from buying your home, and that is the last thing you want. Having basic electronics in a home is normal nowadays. But, you should know where to stop. Built-in electronics will not increase home value, for sure. It is a bad investment and project.

    A big garage space

    Having a garage is a huge plus, and that will increase home value. But, on the other hand, it does not have to be extremely big. If you have a garage, then leave it as it is. Do not make a new one and do not upgrade an old one. It is a huge home project that is not necessary and also it will not pay off.

    A new roof improvements

    You should change the roof, only if you want to stay in your home for a very long time. Anything else is a waste of money. This maybe sounds crazy, but it is true. Investing in a new roof on your house is one of the home improvement projects to avoid. Buyers look for the basic protection. If you do not need to change it, then leave it. Most buyers will not see a difference between the old and new roof.

    So, where to invest?

    The real question is where to invest and what home project you should not avoid. Here are some examples where to put your money and it will pay off. It is important to earn money when selling, and not to lose it. Besides big home improvements, there are also remodeling projects you can do in a weekend too.

    • Installing a new steel front door is not one of the home improvement projects to avoid because you will get about 130% return. It is the first impression and that represents the safety of home.
    • As we said before, it is always good to have an extra bedroom. So, turning an attic into a bedroom is a good investment. You will get about 82% of your money in return.
    • New windows are important too, and 78% of your money in return is not bad at all.
    • A deck is one of the first things buyers will see. Invest money on your deck and you will get about 80% funds in return.
    Avoid and desire street sign.
    There are some home projects to avoid, but some of them you should do.

    You should invest in your home if you want to stay there forever. But, if you are not sure that you will, then do not waste your money on things that will not increase home value. We have shown you what are the home improvement projects to avoid and not to waste money on them. Make a plan and start with project smartly.

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