How to Hire Top-Quality Florida Office Movers

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    How to Hire Top-Quality Florida Office Movers

    Moving your office is not as simple as moving your house. There are many other things to worry about. Instead of moving alone or with your family, you are moving all your employees and their belongings as well as the office supplies. Some experts say that moving an office often feels like moving ten or more houses at ones. That is why it is important to hire top-quality Florida office movers when moving your office. In this article, we give you a couple of pointers and things to look for when hiring professional Florida office movers.

    Top-Quality Florida Office Movers Value Communication

    Good communication is one of the main traits of top-quality Florida office movers.
    Good communication is one of the main traits of top-quality Florida office movers.

    When taking a step as big as moving the office, communication is one of the most important things to have. You are not moving alone, and there are a number of parties participating. Keeping open communication between everyone involved will help you reduce the stress and lower the riks of anything not going according to the plan. Keep your workers informed about every step. The company that shows you how much they value communication is the company you want to hire. You should use this and keep in contact with them throughout every step of your move.

    Plan your Move to suit your Work Hours

    Moving your office is not as simple as moving a house. The reason is simple – the longer it takes to move the office, the more money you lose. When moving a house, you have the luxury of not minding if your stuff arrives a few days late. When moving an office, it is of utmost importance for the process to be done efficiently. This is why, when making your moving plan, you should organize it around your work hours. The best way to do this would be to move on the weekend. 

    When looking into office movers, you should talk to them about their moving schedule. Try and see how flexible they would be to the work hours of your office. If you are looking into interstate movers or even those that move across the country, you should be reasonable. The further you are moving your office, the longer the process will take, so sometimes losing a workday or two might just be the most efficient solution for you. 

    Top-Quality Florida Office Movers are Experienced

    When you are searching for the right office moving company, you need to check how experienced they are. Ask for a list of references, and make sure you get their contacts and quotes. Make a point of calling the references and check for yourself about their experiences. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Check how far they moved, the size of the office they moved, as well as if they had any bad experiences with the moving company.

    You should also check the Better Business Bureau’s website and search for the information about your company. There, you can see if they raise any red flags, such as often changing their name and location, or doing business under too many names. You can also call BBB’s helpline and ask them if there were any reports about misconduct for the company you are looking into.

    Make Sure you are Insured

    Make sure you are insured when transporting valuable items.
    Make sure you are insured when transporting valuable items.

    When discussing with office movers, ask them about their insurance policies. You should also check with the office insurance company about steps to take to make your move go as smoothly as possible. If something goes awry, you will be happy to have a good insurance to cover the damages.

    When to use the Storage

    Sometimes, moving your office will have to take a few days. Sometimes, your new office space will not be ready when the lease on your old one expires and you will need to move your stuff into a storage before the move. That is alright!

    There are two ways in this you can solve this problem. You can find some Florida storage units yours, or you can talk to your company. This is another great asset that a professional moving company might have – their personal storage. Depending on where you look, the charges for it might vary, but having a company move items to their own storage before moving it again can often be helpful in the long run. It reduces the work you need to do, and it speeds up the process when the moving day arrives.

    Packing your Office with Top-Quality Florida Office Movers

    Another great thing to talk about when looking into office movers is what type of packing material they have. Most of the stuff in your office – your furniture, files, personal belongings – can go into the boxes (and there are many ways to find free moving boxes!) However, you might have some sensitive equipment in your offices, such as computers, servers, and other electronics, that will need special care. Talk to the company and see if they have special procedures for moving these items, as well as if they can help you pack them.

    The Moving Day

    When the moving day finally arrives, you should have done a couple of things. You should have your employees prepared for the move. Discuss with them the important steps of the move. Go into the details about the phases they participate in. Remember that communication is one of the most valuable resources you can use. 

    Make an advanced office plan when moving.
    Make an advanced office plan when moving.

    It is a great idea to visit the office in advance and create an advanced office plan. This way, you can make sure all your furniture will fit into the new office space. This will also help movers know where each box goes, and it will help you employees pack their things. When packing, make sure you clearly mark each box and pack similar things together – this will make unpacking much easier.

    Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of what to look out for when trying to find top-quality Florida office movers. Finding the perfect movers for you will help you significantly reduce stress, so start looking into them and planning the move at least three months in advance. Good luck!

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