Should you Hire Pros to Pack your Miami Home

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    Should you Hire Pros to Pack your Miami Home

    Whenever a person is moving, one of the first questions they ask is: “Should I pack my Miami home myself when moving, or do I hire pros to pack it for me?” There are many advantages to both sides. The professional Miami Movers may be more effective, and your things will be safer, but they will cost more. On the other hand, packing your home yourself takes time, but at least you do it yourself. In order to help you decide, we discuss these and many other reasons in this article.

    Hire Pros to Reduce Stress

    There are various factors to take into consideration when deciding whether you should hire pros to pack your Miami home. We believe the stress factor to be a major one. Remember, packing your home is a lengthy process. It can take a couple of weeks! First, you need to decide on the order in which you will pack things (since you pack first the things you use the least).

    There are many things causing you stress while you move – just the sheer amount of work necessary is enough. Add to that other different factors in life that cause stress, such as work or kids, and you have yourself a handful of problems! You can hire pros to reduce this stress. The good thing is that it doesn’t just reduce psychological stress. You won’t have to do the heavy lifting, stuffing things into boxes or carrying them. You will also be free of much of the physical stress many experiences during the move.

    There is a downside, of course. If you like to keep things under control, hiring professional movers might not be for you. They will be the ones doing the packing, and for some, this can be quite a stressful thought. 

    Hire Pros to Save Time

    Another great reason people hire professional is time. We already mentioned that packing can take a few weeks, even a month or two! In this period, you will also need to get the various paperwork finished, and other time-consuming chores. If you work around the clock, you will not have time on weekends to dedicate to just packing.

    Hire pros to save time.
    Hire pros to save time.


    If you hire pros to pack your Miami home, you get much more time on your hands. Getting local Miami Movers which are professional and reliable ensures you can do other things while they pack. Also, the packing process will take just a few days. In other words, if you have to move quickly, hiring pros might be the way to go.

    If you, however, work part-time or have time to do the packing yourself, you should go for it. Remember, though, that packing is not just putting items into boxes. You need to decide which items you will pack first, you will need to get supplies such as bubble-wrap and packing-paper, then collect and construct moving boxes etc.

    Another helpful packing tip: There are apps that can help you inventory your home, help you organize your packing through all the phases and even help calculate the moving costs. You can get them on Android phones as well your iPhone.

    Hire Pros to Pack your Home Securely

    Security is important when moving.
    Security is important when moving.

    If you decide on having your friends, or just you, pack your home, there is a risk you need to know about. Your things are more likely to be damaged during the move. A great thing about professional movers is that they accept the responsibility for the damaged goods. You will be offered insurance for the packing and transportation of your items.

    Also, they are professional movers for a reason. They have experience in packing your things. You might think you know the best way to pack your breakables or valuable items, but most of them have been doing that for years. They will know about proper storage for it, and proper ways to pack it in said boxes.

    Don’t Hire Pros to Save Money

    Money is an important factor when deciding whether to hire pros.
    Money is an important factor when deciding whether to hire pros.

    There are, of course, cons to hiring professional movers to pack your Miami home. One of the biggest reasons is the money. Packing your house can be quite expensive, and can take a couple thousand dollars from your moving budget. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average of a local household is $2,300 for 4 movers at $200 per hour. Be sure to discuss the costs with the moving company when signing contracts. If you are hard-pressed for money, you can pack things yourself. You can also consider finding some cheap Miami Movers when moving on a budget.

    Don’t Hire Pros if You Like Control

    Some people might feel anxious about losing control of the packing process. And that is understandable. You might feel uncomfortable about strangers handling your valuables or family heirlooms.

    In order to help relieve this stress, you can inform yourself about the company better to get to know them. Read reviews, call references provided, and just get an understanding of who the moving company is. This might help ease you into the idea of hiring professionals. You can also work with them by discussing which items you’d like to pack separately from the others (for example, your nice dishes with the rest of your kitchen stuff). If that doesn’t help, you should pack things yourself.

    Another important thing to note is that you will not have control over where your things are. The moving company might have a couple of stops until it gets to your new home, so the furniture might arrive a week or two after you get to your new home. Luckily, if you’re moving within the Miami-Dade metro area, your things should arrive promptly, so you should not worry too much about this. Troubles might arise, however, if you’re moving even as far as interstate.

    We hope this article has helped you decide on whether to hire pros when packing your Miami home. Take everything into consideration, and decide whether the money spent is worth the stress you will escape or not. We wish you good luck and a safe move! 

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