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    Switching your lifestyle to a more eco-friendly side can be hard sometimes. One of the main reasons is probably giving up old habits. But, those who tried it claim that their life improved significantly. That of course doesn’t mean some things won’t be hard to change! Some special events will take more time to master, like eating healthier and getting rid of all those appliances in your home. Another thing that can give you a sudden headache is packing. It could be due to moving, renovation, or any other event that requires you to gather your items and put them in boxes. Since this is something that shouldn’t cause you too much stress, here are the best green packing solutions you can try out.

    What are the green packing solutions and why you should use them?

    If you tend to live hand in hand with nature, that means every aspect of your life will have to pass on that side at a certain point. You will probably start with changing your food habits and then slowly move on to everything else. So when you find yourself in a situation where you need to pack your items, you should go with the eco-friendly method as well. If you are moving, South Florida movers can deal with many relocation-related tasks which leaves you plenty of time to organize your packing.

    hand colored in green holding a plant
    Green packing solutions will help protect the environment but they will also keep your items safe!

    Green packing materials are extremely useful and unharmful to the environment. They will keep your items safe throughout the process and once everything is over, you can dispose of them and prepare them for recycling. Even though there are many of them, here are the most practical ones:

    • Eco-friendly packing boxes
    • Seaweed wrapping paper
    • Shredded eco-friendly paper

    Eco-friendly packing boxes

    The most important packing material is, of course, moving boxes. The actual number of boxes you will need depends on the size of your household. Try to get as close to the number as possible, because not having enough of them will have you spend even more money. Many shops offer these kinds of boxes but make sure to do your research before you go with the purchase. These items can sometimes be extremely expensive, and you need to get to know the prices of eco materials to compare them. In case you are not able to find anything that suits you or your pocket, packing services FL should be your next option.

    You can also use eco-friendly green bags. They are usually made of organic and plant-based products and are fully ready for recycling once you are done with them. That of course doesn’t change the fact they are very durable and will keep your items safe.

    Seaweed wrapping paper

    Before you place your items into boxes, you will have to wrap some of them. This includes things made of glass, porcelain, and other fragile materials. Among other green packing solutions, there is also seaweed wrapping paper that will be perfect for wrapping. It comes in different sizes the best thing about it is that you can use it for anything. Once you get it, carefully wrap your items and make sure every corner is closed properly. After that place them in the box and the job is done. Apart from protecting your items, the seaweed paper smells amazing!

    For those who live in bigger cities and don’t have enough time for getting wrapping materials or dealing with relocation, there is always another solution. If you are on the southeast coast of Florida, movers Fort Lauderdale can help you out. Just don’t forget to mention that your relocation is an eco-friendly one.

    person packing a book
    Shredded paper is an amazing method to protect your items while they are in the box!

    Shredded eco-friendly paper

    In case you want to do it like a pro, you will need some shredding paper as well. This is where you can get creative and economic at the same time. Shredded paper is amazing for covering the bottom of your boxes or putting it at the top of your items. It provides another layer of protection and is one of the most popular green solutions out there. The best thing about it is that you can use the rest of your seaweed wrapping paper for it! Just shred to pieces if you have anything left and there you have it! This process will be useful and extremely fun so make sure to enjoy it. If not, you can find some amazing shops and get it yourself while you wait for movers Miami Beach to arrive.

    Other things to know about green packing solutions

    If you are in some other cities in the state of Florida, chances are big that you will find some other green packing solutions. In recent years this state is improving its views on eco-friendly solutions and green shops are at every corner. 

    Avoid using chemicals during your packing. If you want to make your clothes fresh before this process, you can use some amazing natural solutions. A mixture of water, lemon, and vinegar work the best and if you add some essential oils, your clothes will smell amazing! You can proceed to use this mixture for cleaning as well!

    For those who are in the area, ask movers Delray Beach FL to provide more guidance on packing. This will be extremely helpful if this is your first time packing as they have been doing it for years.

    phone with the recycling sign
    Once you are done with unpacking, make sure to recycle your packing supplies!

    Bottom line

    The most interesting thing about going with green packing solutions is that you can improvise as much as you want. Many people even used natural plant-based colors for making label tapes for their boxes, so make sure to give it a try. Once you are ready to unpack everything, carefully store your packing materials and save them for some other occasion. If you don’t think there will be one in the near future, make sure to recycle them.




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