Good communication with your movers will save your serious problems

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    Good communication with your movers will save your serious problems

    We’ve all heard horror stories about local moves gone wrong. It’s always that one friend who has an acquaintance who’s stuff went missing, things got broken, schedules were thrown out the window.

    Basically, every mover’s worst nightmare. Everything that can go wrong with the residential move. You are in the process of moving into a new lovely residence in Aventura. It’s something that you’ve been planning for a long time and you are really looking forward to it. Lovely beaches, Aventura Mall, plenty of parks and recreation areas. What could be better?

    But it seems that everyone is trying to scare you and you’re starting to dread the move. What if we told you that most of the problems with your local moving service can be resolved with good communication?

    Communication starts even before you hire residential movers

    That’s right! Even before you hire a local moving service, even before the movers show up to do the work, you should communicate your expectations clearly. When you’re calling for information have some basic questions prepared.

    • How long have they been in the business of residential moving?
    • Do they have liability coverage?
    • Do they have any references?

    It’s not just about the answers you’ll get. It’s also to see how serviceable they are and how competent they seem. Also, be honest with them. Describe the job as detailed as possible and don’t demand unrealistic deadlines.

    The company will probably schedule an assessment of your residential move. Someone will be sent to your home to see how much of an actual work is there to be done.

    At Orange Movers, our competent team always tells you what to expect, upfront. We are happy to accommodate your wishes, but we will always tell you if something you want just can’t be done. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we know very well how much time does something take. You can be sure though, that we’ll get the job done as promptly as practically possible.

    Handling delicate items

    Ask the company how they usually handle delicate and breakable items. They should be able to describe the process of keeping those kind of items secure and safe. Let them know what items are important to you. Not to say that they won’t pay any attention to the things that aren’t marked as delicate, but if you warn them about items that are a bit more fragile, they will be extra careful.

    Also, you have to bare in mind that not everyone finds everything equally important. Someone might not think twice about an old table, while you might have inherited that table from your grandma and it might have a sentimental value to you.
    Most people won’t think twice if a coffee mug breaks while they are moving. You can get a new one for a dollar. But if your favorite coffee mug that your best friend brought you from his trip to Paris, breaks, of course you’ll be upset.

    Let your residential movers know what they should pay special attention to but it is also important to let them know about those things that seem less valuable to others, but are invaluable to you. Label everything clearly and mark the items that are delicate. You can use a color coding system to make it more visible.

    Be very specific when setting dates and time

    To avoid any mistakes, be as specific as possible when agreeing on the time and date of the residential move.

    • Don’t speak in general terms.
    • Tuesday in the morning can be broadly interpreted.
    • Which Tuesday? Tomorrow or the one a week from now?
    • When in the morning? As early as 7, or as late as 11.

    Work with your residential moving service. Tell them when you would prefer the move to happen and they will let you know if that’s possible or if they have a better alternative process than the one suggested by you.

    Set the loading date in the form of “Tuesday, 11th of January”. Should the unloading be on the same date or do you need overnight storage? Let them know and set the unloading date accordingly.

    When talking about the time of the day, be sure to point out that when you say 9 in the morning, you mean for them to be at your house at 9, not to start driving there.

    An honest smile opens all doors

    Don’t be rude! If you’re nice to your local movers, they will be nice to you. Don’t think you’re entitled to good service if you treat people badly. Say please and thank you and don’t forget to smile.

    Of course a professional residential moving team will get the job done even if you’re not the most pleasant person to work with, but a friendly working environment will make things easier for you as well as for them.

    Being communicative and honest with your residential moving company will make the moving process easier, quicker and smoother. It does seem like these tips are pretty obvious, but sometimes people get a bit self-centered and forget that other people can’t read their minds. Express your wishes clearly and listen to your local movers.

    And after a job well done, be sure to thank them: offer them a cup of coffee and give them a nice review!

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