Fraudulent movers in Miami- How to avoid them?

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    Fraudulent movers in Miami- How to avoid them?

    Miami moving without Miami movers isn’t that a smart option. Actually, it’s not a smart option at all. If you’re not a professional moving specialist yourself. But, let’s assume you’re an average person planning to move to Miami. Moving without a moving company hired brings so many potential troubles. And takes a lot of money, effort and time. It does look like you’re gonna save money doing everything yourself. But this mostly ends up paying a lot more than if you hired movers. But, when hiring movers, be careful. There are so many fraudulent movers in Miami. You must pay attention and avoid them. This is the article where you shall learn several important ways to escape the moving scams in Miami. Read about them, keep your eyes wide open, and you should be able to escape hiring fraudulent movers in Miami!

    Why do you need moving professionals for Miami relocation?

    Save your time and money hiring professional movers in Miami
    Professional movers in Miami save your time and money

    This is a question with so many answers. First, let’s make it clear, if you’re moving across the street, and you have at least some moving experience, you could hope to have no troubles choosing to do everything by yourself. In every other case, you almost couldn’t even hope to escape troubles. This is exactly why you need a help from professional Miami movers. Hire the right moving pros from the most known city in Florida and you’ll be happy once everything is over. They can do everything faster than you- given that they have the experience, the know how, and the equipment. Plus, you’ll probably pay less than trying to relocate yourself and avoid all potential moving problems. There are so many pros. But only if you hire non-fraudulent Miami movers. To avoid getting scammed, read on and find out how!

    How to avoid getting scammed by fraudulent movers in Miami?

    Unlike the previous one, this question doesn’t have a simple answer. There are so many ways to check on your Florida movers and to get scammed eventually This is because all the fraudulent movers in Miami has become more and more sophisticated. They are trying to go one step ahead of you. So, as we said, keep your eyes wide open, read the following suggestions and you’ll spot at least some of the red flags. And as soon as you spot the red flags, don’t consider hiring that moving company. Let’s start! Here are the most common signs of Miami fraudulent movers:

    • Pay attention to the red flags- don't hire fraudulent movers in Miami
      Choose not to hire fraudulent movers in Miami- pay attention to the red flags

      A company doesn’t have a proper licensure: Evidentially, this kind of movers are momentarily red flagged.

    • Customer service answering calls and emails without the company name: A clear sign there’s something wrong.
    • They are not offering a binding estimate: Not accepting your invitation for an in-home estimate is one of the clear signs you might be dealing with fraudulent movers in Miami.
    • Asking for a large payment in advance: There’s no good reason for this unless it’s a moving scam.
    • Offering an incomplete contract for you to sign: Never do that on any occasion.
    • Inability to find the information about the company: Only, here you should be careful, it could be because the company is still young.
    • A lot of bad news and bad reviews: Check what is the reason for them, and avoid hiring those with the big problems in the background,

    Licenses- Without them, a company is not allowed to conduct the relocations

    So, why would you consider hiring someone without a proper license? And the licenses for relocations are not the only ones to look for, You might have a need to conduct some special sort of relocation. Check if there are some requirements for those relocations, and see if your mover owns the permits to do that. Wherever there’s no license your signature on the contract should be missing!

    How does the customer service reply your calls and emails?

    Do they say ‘Hello, XYZ movers’ or do they just say ‘the movers’, or present themselves only with a personal name? There’s a huge difference. In a first case, you know who you are dealing with. While in the second you only know that you spoke to Jane or John. Pay attention to this, it is a small detail, but a very important one. Raising red flags is essential here. And, if there’s no good explanation for not presenting the company name, you should walk away.

    Without a binding offer, the company doesn’t guarantee the sum you’ll be charged

    The obvious reason why we are always suggesting you should get a binding offer. So, after you learned you need it, you ask your mover to come to an in-home inspection, and they refuse. Or they come, but they refuse to provide you with the signed binding offer.(Aren’t both situations red flags for scammed movers in Miami?) Whatever of aforementioned situations happen, and whenever it happens, you should delete that company from your list of potential Miami moving experts to hire.

    You have guarantees for your Miami move price only if you have a binding offer
    Only a binding offer guarantees you the final price for Miami move

    Large up front payment almost equals to fraudulent movers in Miami

    There’s no need to explain this too much. What possible reason do Miami movers have to charge you too much in advance? Ask them for a reason, and you’ll see there’s no proper explanation. Walking away is the best decision you could make.

    Incomplete or blank contracts are invalid

    Hence, why would you put a signature on them? If you do, you can only imagine what additional clauses could be put above your signature, which the movers then could claim you were informed of, given that you signed the contract. Don’t ever do this, No matter how good story the scammer might have. Avoid dealing with Miami moving frauds. Save yourself from getting robbed voluntarily.

    How many pieces of information can you find about the company?

    Not so much or none? Well, this can appeal for a red flag, but not necessarily. You should do a thorough research of your relocation experts, no matter talking about local or long distance movers in Miami.  They could be new in the market. And hence have a few details about them on the web. This is why you should ask the company’s representatives to answer your questions. All of Miami movers refusing to disclose the details about the company should be blacklisted and removed from potential movers to hire for the Miami moving adventure

    Bad reviews could be the bad news…

    As well the bad news certainly is! Read about your movers, try to find if there’s some accusation for a Miami moving scam. And do a research why. In any case, we suggest you walk away even if there’s only an accusation. Don’t put the safety of your family and your belongings into the hands of a potential scammer. Besides this, are the reviews telling you that something might be wrong with the Miami moving company you intend to hire? How many of them are there? If there are more than a few, and if there are some serious accusations, walking away is the only natural solution!

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