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There are different types of needs for depository units. We realized that at the very beginning of our moving and storage business. Hence, we adjusted our storage units Fort Lauderdale so they would fit every need that might appear. But we didn’t stop there. We are continuously looking to exceed even the most demanding requirements. Trying to reach the very top of the most quality warehouse facilities in Fort Lauderdale and in all of Florida. Let’s have a look what we offer. For more info call us as soon as you decide to move. Orange Movers will be happy to hear from you!

If you need Fort Lauderdale storage units- rent only the best available!

It doesn’t matter why you need a depository. We have storage units Fort Lauderdale for all your needs. Given that we are a moving company, we must be prepared for everything. And since we decided to become Miami movers, we have taken care of every need of our customers. Here we shall discuss several things:

  • What types of depository units can you choose from- So it would be easier to pick storage units Fort Lauderdale for your specific need.
  • How secure our warehouse units are- What safety features can be found in our depository facilities.
  • What kind of Fort Lauderdale storage services we provide- In case you choose to rent our facilities, what kind of assistance can you expect.

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The units for your preferences

For different needs, there are different depository solutions. It is very important to know the characteristics of each option. That way, you are able to choose the proper Fort Lauderdale depository units for your requirements. Of course, we assume you know what kind of care your belongings need. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to know what kind of warehouse to choose.

We shall discuss the following:

  • Indoor vs outdoor units- What is the purpose of each type of facilities.
  • Personal vs business facilities- This classification is based on the kind of users of storage units Fort Lauderdale
  • Self-storage vs warehouse- Which is better, the unit you rent and maintain by yourself, or the unit where other people take care of your belongings.

The difference between indoor and outdoor facilities

The indoor units are buildings with the roof. They are meant for the items needing at least some kind of protection. There are various indoor storage units. The basic and the most simple one is just the depository under a roof. Without any other kind of protection. They range up to those with complete climate control. Meant for the most specific items needing very special care. So, if you intend to store your belongings, the products or raw materials which are frail, the indoor storage units Fort Lauderdale are the right solution for you. All you need is to choose the kind of adjustment your valuables might require.

The outdoor Fort Lauderdale storage units are simply the open spaces (no roof, or incompletely covered) with at least some kind of security. So here you can store containers, vehicles or other belongings resistible to open sky atmosphere. There are no many types of outdoor units, given that they all look alike. Since those facilities offer no special conditions, they are the cheapest solution in terms of storage units in Fort Lauderdale. But be careful, get to know if your belongings can stand these kinds of climate conditions.

Residential and commercial storage units in Fort Lauderdale

Residential Fort Lauderdale storage units are meant for the personal belongings. It is mostly used during the relocation by moving companies in Fort Lauderdale  when people for a certain period of time have nowhere else to place their items.  Ft. Lauderdale storage units are used for the items currently out of use, but still usable. So, if you need to store your personal valuables, residential storage units Fort Lauderdale is what you should be looking for.

 Commercial storage units Ft. Lauderdale are for the business users. They are specialized for keeping the products or raw materials. Mostly with an option of long term cooperation. In case you are a business owner, we are sure the deal with a positive outcome is what we can reach. So call us and let us find the ideal Ft. Lauderdale depot solution for you!

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Self-storage and full services depot

Self-storage is just what you can assume by name. The depository facility you rent and take care of items by yourself. Having a security to keep them safe from burglary. But no other services provided. We suggest you use this kind of storage units Ft. Lauderdale only when renting a depository for a short period of time. And only for the items not needing special care.

Full-service depository capacities are Ft. Lauderdale depository units with the workers taking care of your belongings. Not only of security but also providing you with special care for your items. Making sure they are safe and sound, and not letting them damage or become useless because of lack of maintenance. We suggest you use our full-service storage units Fort Lauderdale in every situation you might need a depository. Our services are claimed to be among the best by Florida warehouse users.

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The safety of our Ft. Lauderdale storage units

We invest very much in our warehouse capacities safety(especially being that there are so many thieves nowadays). Keeping your items safe is the most important thing to us. Knowing that someone trusts us their belongings means that we must keep those valuables safe. So we employ only the team capable of doing it. Our security team is specialized in keeping all sorts of warehouse units safe.

Besides the team, we implemented the most modern security cameras and control system available on the market. And we do not intend to stand there, but to implement the changes as soon as they happen. We plan on staying one of the most trustful storage units Fort Lauderdale. Plus, we provide you with the tips for Florida moving. Hence about the insurance you are recommended to obtain. We can provide the insurance policies we think are the best, or you can go and shop for it. It is up to you. The most important thing is that your items are safe with us!

Furthermore, the access to our depository units is limited, and only available if arranged in advance. All our units are fully lit. We don’t leave the safety of your items to a chance. Your belongings are under a monitoring and supervision 24/7.

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Ft. Lauderdale storage services we offer

If you choose to rent the self-storage units Fort Lauderdale, then there we can’t offer you too much, except the security. But in case you choose the full-service Ft. Lauderdale storage units, then you can expect us to take complete care of your valuables. That complete care means:

  • Orange Movers Miami warehousing department collects your belongings from your home, and deliver them to the address you require after the rent period expires.
  • In case you need it, we can pack your valuables for placing them into the warehouse units Fort Lauderdale. And we can unpack them after delivery to your home or business.
  • Prior to placing your items into our Ft. Lauderdale warehouse units, we organize all your belongings, making you easy to place them wherever you like once we deliver them back to you.
  • You can choose the dates, we are flexible with the time and length of the contract. But we do suggest you contact us as soon as your need for depository appears. Being that our schedule is very tight and our facilities are very busy during all year.
  • The most important thing- our Fort Lauderdale storage services fit to everyone’s budget, given that we are very affordable. Especially considering the quality of the services we provide!

It’s up to you just to contact us, and we shall find the right depository solution for you:

Private Secure Storage – Affordable Storage For Any Need

Personal Storage

Very often you will need storage even when not moving house but just need a bit more space at home.

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Business Storage

Do you need extra space for your equipment or office supplies? We have all the solutions big and small.

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Short-Term Storage

We have the perfect solution for you to house your belongings for a limited time period.

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Long-Term Storage

You don’t always want to get rid of your things and memories that you don’t use on a daily basis. Long term storage is the perfect solution for you.

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Because We Care About Your Items

Your items and belongings are important to you, and so they are important to us too. The last thing you need is your things to be put on a concrete floor and gather mold and mildew. Your items will be placed into our storage vaults that are temperature moderated and fully taken care of.

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Things To Keep In Mind

Many of the items we put in storage have a sentimental value as well as cost value. You want your important possessions kept in a place that is as similar to your home as possible. We provide clean and well lit storage areas with the latest security protocols. If you request easy access, a month to month lease would be ideal and saving money along the way won’t hurt.

We have a large and varied selection of customized storage solutions. We make sure that they all include clean and climate controlled storage units and are fully secure. All our storage units have 24 hour security and video surveillance. We have all size solutions from the smallest to the largest. Of course we help you with the budgeting as well; we provide monthly renewal subscriptions, active-duty discounts, and lots of other promotions and goodies.

When you need the space you know that you can always rely on us to find you the perfect solution.

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Full-Service Storage

Full service storage is the ultimate solution to save you time and cash. We list your furniture and belongings, including description of each item and condition at time of pickup. Then everything is wrapped securely and placed into large vaults which are then fork lifted into the warehouse, until you are ready for them. Your belongings can live with us weeks, months and even years until they have a place in your home. Our full service storage is the perfect solution for you and is flexible and affordable. You will get privacy, convenience and cleanliness.

Contact us to find out whatis the best storage solution for you.

Our Advantages

  • Collect & deliver your belongings
  • Efficient service
  • Flexible time frame
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Organized inventory methods
  • Cost effective

Your Benefits

  • Pure convenience
  • Saves you time
  • Provides mental freedom
  • Increases productivity
  • Saves you pain and hassle
  • Saves you money

Storage Calculator – Calculate Your Storage Price

Many other companies take their time in sending over their storage estimates. But we want you to have all the information up front. Use our Storage Calculator to get a customized estimate within 3 minutes. Just fill in a few details like estimated storage time needed and what needs to be stored and your estimate will be on its way. Orange Movers will be happy to assist you with your move!

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