Finding an ideal single family home in Florida

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    Are you looking for an ideal single family home in Florida on your budget? With so many great places for living and amazing buying/renting offers, this could be a real challenge, right? It’s not easy to define „ideal family home“ because we all have our own needs, habits, and preferences when it comes to living. If your family already chose Florida as a perfect place for a new home, then it’s time for other big questions.

    Are you going to rent or buy a new home? Have you calculated your budget? Are you moving with your kids? Do you want a big house on the beach or maybe a big apartment in the heart of Miami? Would you like to have fast access to the beach or a small backyard where you can gather your friends and family? What is your style and above all, you need to find a balance between what you want and what you can afford? We’ll try to help you with finding an ideal single family home in Florida with our tips and show you some recommendations based on reviews from people who moved to this amazing place. Good luck with finding!  

    ideal single family home in Florida
    If you are more into „finding an ideal apartment for your family“ rather than a house. Consider living in Weston. With a low crime rate and low unemployment rate, this city has one of the highest percentages of families among communities in Florida.

    Ideal single family home in Florida on your budget 

    The first thing you need to consider and also the first step in finding an ideal single family home in Florida is to check your budget and see what you can afford. Since you chose Florida for living with your family, you probably know this is a bit expensive place to live, but not as much as New York or Washington. If you have a limited budget, think about is buying a house worth your money, or you should rent your new home? Think ahead of time, the future is important to factor when you’re searching for a place to live. If you’re expecting a baby, or you have a child, think about incomes. Are both parents working or just one? Or will both parents continue to work so you can afford that home in the future? For example, Orlando and Palm Beach are popular are two of Florida’s most popular destinations for living.  

    Your family’s needs 

    Depends on how large it is, every family has its own needs and habits. Some like houses and some like apartments. Maybe your family wants a garden or pool? Surely, that single families houses offer more privacy and freedom, which is great if you have kids or pets, but does it fit your budget? If you have kids you should think of finding an ideal single family home in Florida with at least 3 rooms. If you don’t have kids, or you’re expecting a baby, a one-bedroom home will work for a while. While siblings can share their room, teens usually tend to have their own rooms and privacy. Need some help with relocating your things? You don’t have enough space to store them while moving? Check amazing offers from storage units Florida and choose the best for your family. 

    elderly couple on the beach
    Miami Beach deserves high rank on our list with places in Florida with ideal single family homes. Because it offers various housing, great neighborhoods and beaches with many family-friendly things to do.

     Ideal single family home in Florida: Neighborhood matters. 

    When it comes to finding an ideal single family home in Florida. You should pay attention to your district and neighborhood. Your family’s safety is your priority. Keep searching for places with the low crime rate. Take a walk around your new potential neighborhood and see if it’s a peaceful place to live in. What is the picture of that community? Do you feel positive energy or a more reserved attitude? You certainly don’t want to find an ideal single family home in Florida on a risky location. When you’re moving to Miami, check out recent research saying that the top place to buy a home in Florida is The Crossings. 40 minutes away from and 20 miles south of Miami. And if you’re interested in more locations, we chose some of the best for you below.

    living room
    Ideal single family home in Florida on the beach doesn’t have to be pricey. Pace, located on Escambia Bay near Pensacola, offers exceptional value for young families.


    When it comes to moving to Florida, you probably want to know the best locations to live with your family in this sunny place. Weston is a small city with a low crime rate and low unemployment rate, this city has one of the highest percentages of families among communities in Florida. On GreatSchools, schools from Weston got an impressive 9, which makes this town with a high graduation rate. Besides that, this place is family-oriented and friendly with plenty of parks, museums, historical sites, and over 46 miles of bike trails in the city! And median household income of $93,814. 

    big house during the night
    Choose your home with great care!


    Another amazing location for finding your ideal single family home in Florida. Due to good schools, excellent health care and high employment rate, the population in this place continues to grow. This place is also very popular among young professionals and entrepreneurs. And how about learning how to build a tool shed for a possible hobby? Tampa is also known as good for families, as it is generally considered ideal for families based on reviews and researches, with over 185 parks and other attractions for families. Median household income is $160,300, with rentals going for $960.  

    Winter Springs  

    Water springs are located only just half an hour’s drive from Orlando and represent a very family-friendly place to live. When it comes to schooling, Four out of five elementary schools in Winter Springs scored an ‘A’, and you can find here high-ranked college like the University of Central Florida. Single-family homes in Winter Springs average $205,600. But you can also find a three-bedroom home going for $161,000! Almost 87% of residents are reserved for residential living.  

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