Ensuring an Office Move Does Not Affect Employee Morale

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    Ensuring an Office Move Does Not Affect Employee Morale

    A major factor that contributes to the success of an office move is the involvement a business’ employees in the process. Given the amount of changes that occur during an office move it is not difficult to understand why such relocations have the potential to negatively affect your workers.

    As such, it therefore becomes important to keep your employees engaged from the moment you have decided to acquire movers for your office. A key benefit that can be seen in relocating your Bay Harbour Island office (with the help of office movers) is a staff that has been rejuvenated and, as a result, is more focused on their work. That is, such a scenario is indeed possible if you take precautions to ensure that your office move doesn’t affect your employee morale.

    Acquiring your staff’s opinion on the move is an excellent way to do this. In fact, this can be done pre-move by involving your staff in discussions about office mover selection. Regular meetings targeted at allowing employees to voice their concerns and suggestions can work to the overall benefit of your business. This promotes positive feelings as you allow them to feel engaged in the decision making process. With regards to finding office movers, it may even be possible that a member of your staff has valuable information (such as a testimonial) which would play a large role in helping you choose which office mover to help you relocate your business.

    Largely tied with obtaining your staff’s opinion is ensuring the channels of communication are open. In fact, your employees would find it difficult to express their thoughts if this is not done. Your management team, in addition to overseeing the acquisition of office movers and the entire moving process, will play a large part in this regard. By allowing the communication around the office move to be free, you create an environment where employees feel comfortable with expressing their concerns. This plays a huge factor in ensuring an office move doesn’t affect your overall employee morale as it is shown that regular updates increase engagement. This increased engagement has a positive effect on how your staff would ultimately view the relocation and, by extension, management.

    In addition to this it also becomes important to establish and manage your employees’ expectations for the move. Consult with your office mover to make sure that you have a detailed idea of the process and all that it involves. By being properly acquainted with the ins and outs of the office move you would be in a better position to adequately manage your employees’ expectations. This also becomes easier to do once you have fostered an environment of open communication (as was highlighted above). Moreover, consulting with your office movers puts you in a better position to answer any questions your employees may have. If it is possible you can even invite your chosen office mover to be present so that employees may ask their questions directly. Not only will they be able to acquire accurate information, but they will also feel more involved in the process. Such meetings also aids in shifting negative opinions they may have had of your move. Employee engagement helps to promote positive perspectives that, as a result, booster employee morale.

    You should also aim to transmit your enthusiasm to your employees. Office relocation can be a frightening thought. You can assuage your employees’ fears by painting a picture of opportunities that can result from a successful office move. In fact, the information you received from your office mover will allow you to be more fully equipped to do this. Your goal should be to explain the benefits of your office relocation. Highlight the possibilities of expanded roles, the possibility of acquiring new talent and improved office spaces. Aim to have your employees visualize an office move that is so beneficial to them that they no longer feel negative emotions towards the move.

    Office moving is not only physically taxing, but it also affects one of the most valuable commodities of your business. These are your employees. Failing to properly motivate your staff is a mistake that can negatively affect your business post-relocation. By allowing your employees to have a valuable input at all stages of the planning process you booster employee engagement and morale. As we have discussed, if it is possible, utilize your office mover to the best of your ability. Do not be afraid to ask them questions as this will allow you to be equipped with the answers necessary to ease the fears of your employees.

    By making your employee morale a priority during your office move you are able to neutralize many of the negative views they may have had towards your relocation. A highly motivated and engaged workforce is one that executes better customer service, has a higher productivity and a general enjoyment of their work.

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