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    If you made a decision to move from New York to Miami with your pet you have to get to know the city, and its interesting dog-friendly activities, better. There’s a lot of dog-friendly activities in Miami and we will introduce you to the most popular ones. We have to mention that this South Florida city is one of the most popular places among pet owners. The fact that Miami is a popular touristic destination is proof that this place has outstanding attractions and its worthy of visiting it. This city is also very pleasant for living in general and you will never be bored. The most amazing thing that all canine owners respect in this place is dog-friendly parks, restaurants, pubs and other places that are more to welcome for you and your dog.

    Doggie Bag Café & Pet Boutique

    Doggie Bag Café & Pet Boutique is located at 7310 Biscayne Blvd. You and your dog can enjoy an amazing selection of gifts for every fashion taste. Your dog will be in style because you can choose from a variety of great fashion designs. You can find designs for camping, longing or competition, etc in a wide range of sizes. Doggie Bag Café & Pet Boutique offers special occasions for your pet during Happy Hour events.

    As we previously mentioned Doggie Bag Café & Pet Boutique offers many dog-fashion designs that are very interesting

    It also serves the best gourmet food for your pet. We have to mention that this café offers delivery services for your canines. Food will be freshly prepared and frozen, then delivered to you. If you are looking for dog-friendly activities in Miami, this place is the right choice. You just need to handle your pet relocation. However, if you’re well organized this may not be a problem.

    Dog-friendly activities in Miami, Amelia Earhart Dog Park

    This park is Located at 401 NE 65th St. If you are searching for dog-friendly activities in Miami you must visit this park. This area is a paradise for your dog. The Amelia Earhart Dog Park has areas for small and big dogs separated. Not to mention that there are benches, exercise equipment, and gardens. This park also has picnic tables, human and dog drinking fountains, poop bag dispensers, etc. Parking is free during the week, but not during the weekend.

    Dog-friendly activities in Miami are outstanding
    In order to have an amazing time with your pet, you can make a picnic in Amelia Earhart Dog Park

    Amelia Earhart Dog Park is open from 8 am to sunset, seven days a week. Places like this attract people to move with their pets. However, people are afraid to move with pets, because they think about problems with objectives related to relocation. But your pet relocation doesn’t have to be stressful. If you have a serious approach to this process everything will be fine.

    Margaret Pace Dog Park

    Miami is an excellent place for living and it has many beautiful parks, but Margaret Pace Dog Park is something special. This park is located at 1745 N Bayshore Dr, and it is very spacious and it has a great community of dog owners. The big advantage of this place is that your dog can play off-leash and on-leash with other dogs.

    Dog and a water fountain
    Margaret Pace Dog Park has human and dog fountains which are great

    There are two fenced areas for off-leash play, one for dogs over 25 pounds and another for smaller dogs. This park offers bench seating, “fire hydrants,” and water fountains for dogs. So, after moving with New York to Florida movers, make sure to come to Margaret Pace Dog Park and you and your dog will have a nice time.

    Founders Park

    If you’re having trouble to find dog-friendly activities in Miami, then visit Founders Park. Your dog is welcome to join you on-leash at this Aventura park. This area is a very popular meeting spot for canine owners. This park is separated into two regional sections: north and south.

    A dog jumping and enjoying one of many dog-friendly activities in Miami
    Founders Park has something for everyone, your dog will play with pet equipment and you could exercise at the athletic field

    The northern part has a quarter-mile for all kinds of interesting activities. There’s exercise trail, a playground, sun shelters, tennis courts, and an athletic field. This park may provide the widest range of activities for you and your dog. Therefore be sure to visit this remarkable place after your South Florida moving. And trust us you won’t regret because you will meet some new people and your pet will have a lot of fun.

    Concrete Beach Brewery

    Concrete Beach Brewery is located at 325 NW 24th St, and one of the best places for dog-friendly activities in Miami. This casual and pet-friendly pub serves up a variety of brewed concoctions. The most popular brews are Pilsner, a Tangerine IPA, a Vienna-Style Lager. Concrete Beach Brewery is working from Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to12 am, and on Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 2 am. You can come with your dog and relax from stressful weekdays and enjoy a delicious drink.

    All dog-friendly activities in Miami are awesome and you can choose one that suits your needs. However, the most important thing is that you are having fun with your dog. You’re bonding with your best friend. If you devote some time to your pet, it will return your unconditional love right back to you. Therefore visit all locations and enjoy them and as a result, you will have peace and happiness.

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