DIY move vs hiring professional movers in Florida

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    Getting ready for relocation requires a lot of time and effort. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks that can speed up this entire process and make it more enjoyable. To know exactly how to do it right, you will have to look around your household and determine the exact type of your relocation. This means including all the details and balancing the tasks. After you do the preparation there will be a big question in front of you, should you do it on your own or get professional help? Since many people ask the same, here is all you need to know about DIY move vs hiring professional movers in Florida! 

    Which option is better?

    Before you dive into details, you should know what are the main features of each one of these two methods. Yes, every relocation is different but a certain number of rules apply to all of them. Many moving companies South Florida will provide all the directions you need and will suggest what kind of services you actually need. On the other hand, you will need to be in charge of every part if you decide to do it on your own!

    couple packing their items
    If you decide to go with a DIY move make sure to focus on packing the most!

    DIY move vs hiring professional movers in Florida

    Many factors will affect your final decision between moving on your own and hiring a moving company. You should think about your moving experience, resources, and much more along the way. If you decide to go with movers, you are going to need residential movers South Florida for your household. In case you would like to skip this option then moving your household to another place will be entirely on you. The best way to begin is to give yourself plenty of time to think things through. Consider leaving yourself enough space to make a good plan that will support all of your needs and goals. Let’s go through the most important things you need to know about DIY move vs hiring professional movers in Florida! 

    DIY move in Florida

    Whoever decides to carry out a DIY move will have to be ready for a moving rollercoaster! Even those who had a chance to do it before must make a really good plan beforehand. Going through a process like this one requires a lot of time and nerves and you should not take it lightly. Your main tasks will include packing and transportation while you can still rely on some Florida moving services as additional support! In this type of moving time plays a huge role and you should start with preparations on time.

    You should probably start with packing first as it is known to be extremely time-consuming. Following some previous examples, try to pack one room at a time and prepare good packing material. These are some of the packing items you should prepare:

    • High-quality packing boxes
    • Makers for labeling your boxes
    • Tape and scissors
    • Bubble wrap and wrapping paper

    Feel free to use the Internet and moving blogs as an additional backup for relocation. There you will find many useful information and steps to follow. As soon as you read something that sounds like it will be of good use to you, write it down. This will slowly turn into a good plan that will help you carry out your relocation.

    DIY transportation

    One thing that is common for both DIY move vs hiring professional movers in Florida is transportation. This is something you will have to think through especially if you are moving far away. Try to leave your vehicle for transporting personal items and for other family members. Going on a long trip is much more pleasant when you use your car. On the other hand, you will have to find a good solution for the rest of your items.

    person wrapping bowl in bubble wrap
    Moving on your own has some challenges so be careful!

    Probably the best solution is renting bigger vehicles that can transport everything at once. This means you will not have to make double trips that will spend a fortune! Choose a rental car wisely and use it for as long as your relocation is lasting. You can also ask family members or friends to borrow their vehicle if they own one suitable for moving. Once you settle in, clean the vehicle and remove all of your items. If you are sure you don’t need it anymore, you can return it. For those who own more than one, try to choose the most suitable car for moving items. It has to be spacious and ready to cover the distance.

    Perks of DIY move

    Although it may sound like a perfect option, the DIY move has its perks and you should never ignore them. Even the smallest issues can cause bigger ones that can completely change the way things are going. Avoid getting yourself into a situation that will take too much time to resolve! If you decide to move on your own be careful not to:

    • DIY too much: These projects can easily make you think everything is going well and you should improvise everything. This is where mistakes happen as you may get tired pretty fast or simply run out of ideas.
    • Spend too much money: These relocations can set you up a lot. The most expensive things are those that are hardly noticeable and that look pretty innocent.
    • Proceed even when things start to get complicated: It is good to know when to stop. If your relocation gets extremely difficult and stressful you should go with a different option!
    • Start this if you don’t have enough experience: It may seem like a DIY move is extremely easy, but it is not like that. If this is your first time moving and you never had a chance to pack everything you have, give this a second thought!

    Also, remember to be very careful when going through unverified moving tips. Some of these only work under certain conditions and there is no guarantee that they will work for you too. Before you start a DIY project make sure you can do it and your household can support it!

    person putting books in the box
    If things get difficult try to find a solution on time!

    Hiring professional movers in Florida

    Your other option is to hire professional movers. For many people, this is the best option as it takes all the hard work off of your backs. It is even better for those who are moving for the first time, don’t have enough time, or simply don’t want to do it on their own! If you are in the area, moving companies Fort Lauderdale will be of huge help as they offer a huge variety of services to you. But to know exactly how to choose a DIY move vs hiring professional movers in Florida, you better get both sides of the story! 

    Professional movers and packing

    One of the best things about going with a moving company ae the packing services! All that hard work will be their job and all you need to do is prepare the items. Movers will pack your entire inventory properly and everything will be delivered to your new place in no time. You will not have to go and get packing material and spend hours and hours packing. Packing services South Florida provide all the time in the world to focus on other things and prepare for leaving.

    If you have some things that are extremely valuable to you, packers will take good care of them. You will also get a chance to go through their privacy policy and make sure everything will work out great! Don’t forget to give them the entire inventory list and stick around in case they have some questions for you!

    two movers posing on the green sofa
    Hiring professional movers will give you plenty of time to organize!

    Transportation with the moving company

    The first thing that pops to your mind when someone mentions a moving company is of course transportation. This is the main service of every moving company and the one you need the most. Movers have vehicles that are suitable for all types of relocation and will provide safe and fast trips. If your new home is far away, long distance movers Fort Lauderdale has to offer will have your back. You will make all arrangements in no time, and set the date for a moving-out day. Movers will pretty much transport everything from your household and take care of those super heavy furniture units. DIY move vs hiring professional movers in Florida is much easier to decide when you know what your priorities are!

    Before they arrive, you should prepare your things for transportation. This includes cleaning them and removing everything from cupboards and other units. As a result, there won’t be risks of your items breaking and the unpacking will be a lot easier.

    Storage for extra space

    Extra space is something you may need while moving. Storage units are useful for many different events including relocation and renovation. If you think you need some extra space for things you don’t need at the moment, storage Pompano Beach may be the perfect solution. You simply organize everything you want to store and focus on other things around you. Everything you decide to leave in the storage unit will be safe for as long as you need it to be. Once you are ready you may go and pick your inventory up. This will give you enough time and space to set everything up and even decorate your new home. Feel free to ask movers for additional information regarding the storage unit.

    mover preparing boxes for transportation
    The best thing about hiring movers is that you don’t have to think about transportation!

    Perks of hiring professional movers in Florida

    Even though movers will make sure your relocation is fast and safe, there are still some things you should know before deciding to hire them. They will not transport everything you possess. There are certain rules every moving company must follow and they apply to certain materials. These include hazardous materials and liquids, pets, and basically everything flammable. If you own a lot of these items for your household, garage, or garden you will have to find a different solution. Try to get rid of everything that is not too expensive and that you can buy again upon arriving. 

    Mover will probably refuse to transport your pets as well. Since your little friends are used to all the love and attention, moving can be pretty stressful for them. Taking a risk of transporting them is something movers usually avoid. A much better option is that your pets travel with you. They will feel much better surrounded by things and people they are familiar with. Just prepare them for this trip and make sure they have a good time as well!

    Choosing the winner in DIY move vs hiring professional movers in Florida

    Since the choice is up to you, feel free to think this through. Make a list of your goals and priorities and choose carefully. Both these methods can work and the only thing that matters is what exactly you need. If you decide to go with a DIY move, go slowly. In case things become too difficult, leave your project and rely on movers instead. They will take over and finish the job for you. Remember that things work much better if you are organized and know how to find a good solution. Ask your friends to help you out as they will probably have some useful suggestions as well.

    For those who decide to go with another option, schedule your relocation on time. Moving companies carry out dozens of relocations a day so there is no need for waiting too long. Talk with their employees about every dilemma you have since asking questions will only make this experience better.

    mover going through the inventory list
    Choose wisely between DIY move vs hiring professional movers in Florida!

    Bottom line

    It may seem like there is a huge task in front of you and deciding what to do may seem too complicated. This feeling will only last for a moment as your relocation will pretty much set the rules on its own. DIY move vs hiring professional movers in Florida will end successfully as long as you don’t rush things up and follow the plan. Movers will be there to support you and provide everything you need. Stay positive and look forward to the new home that is waiting for you!


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