DIY ideas for Miami home decoration

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    DIY ideas for Miami home decoration

    After moving to your new Miami home, you will want to decorate it and make it feel warm and inviting. Making your Miami home authentic is not hard to do when you have some free time and will to make something new. Painting, stitching, coloring and using a bit of glue can do miracles. The possibilities are endless. With these easy DIY decoration tips and tricks you can make your house like feel like home in no time. After the best movers in Miami help you unpack your belongings, make sure your home feels warm and cozy. Keep reading and find out about what you can do to improve your Miami home on a budget.

    Miami skyline
    Making your Miami home authentic is not hard to do when you have some free time and will to make something new.

    Make a decoration plan

    The first part of your decoration process is to make a plan. Think about the space you live in and imagine decorative pieces or furniture that you might make. Making a list of your desires and ideas is a great way to start. Don’t forget to take measurements of your space and think about the furniture pieces or decorative items that might fit.

    Refresh your Miami home by painting the walls

    wall decoration
    Painting the walls is always the great way to refresh and decorate any room.

    Painting the walls of your new Miami home is the first step in your decoration process. It is always the great way to decorate any room. Decorative patterns on the walls or wallpaper patterns are another possibility you should consider. The color of your walls will set the tone of your room so you should be careful with your choice.

    Pick the perfect wall color for your home

    1. Use the color wheel to see what you like– color wheel shows all the colors of the spectrum arranged in a circle that emphasizes the relationship between them. You might find that one side of the wheel fits better to your Miami home. Blues and greens are all about tranquility and relaxation. On the other hand, warm reds and oranges set the mood for social gatherings. Choose the color of your walls depending on the mood you want to create.
    2. Check out the latest trends – You might not choose the wall colors for your Miami home only because it’s trendy but you should check new and trendy color combinations for ideas. If you don’t feel like following trends, mixing up classic and modern style is always a good idea. 
    3. Use color relationships as a guide – complementary colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel. They are visually balanced but high contrast can often be too much. Keep in mind that opposite colors work well too. The similar colors that are next to each other on the coloring wheel are a bold choice that resembles the colors found in nature.

      furniture design
      Mixing up classic and modern style is always a good idea.
    4. Layer tone on tone for a sophisticated effect – A monochromatic color combination uses shades of a single color. That creates an effect of serenity and elegance. This approach is subtle and you can add texture and use varying scales of pattern in the materials you choose.
    5. Test your choices – Before changing the overall appearance of your new Miami home, you should do a test run. Chose the colors that you want and buy the test size amount. Paint the color on the wall and inspect it in the morning, noon and at night to see how different light affects it and your space. This is the best way to be sure that the shade or the combination of colors you pick is the right one for you.

      color wheel
      Color wheel shows all the colors of the spectrum arranged in a circle that emphasizes the relationship between them.

    Use curtains as decoration items

    You can always use curtains as a decoration in your home. Whether you decorate your living room, your bathroom or your bedroom, curtains and blinds can be important for your Miami home design as much as your furniture. Curtains can add coziness to the room and define the space. When you choose the curtain color and type you should keep in mind that:

    • A curtain that’s too big can make your room look crowded and small. If you choose the wrong curtain type or you pick the wrong color your space might look smaller than it actually is. On the other hand with the right shape and color, your room can look perfectly balanced.
    • Light in your room can be different if you chose the wrong curtain – If you have a smaller room to decorate, picking the right curtain decoration idea is important. Big, heavy and dark colored curtains can make a room look too dark.

    Decorate your Miami home with wood piece furniture

    woodwork ideas
    Decorating your home with wood pieces is very effective. Besides, possibilities are endless.

    Decorating your home with wood pieces is very effective. After relocating to Miami, you will probably have some items that you need a storage space for. If you have old wood furniture piece that fits your decorating idea, don’t throw it away.

    There are many different easy ways to repair the old furniture pieces. Sanding and adding the new coat of paint might give your furniture piece a fresh look. If you still don’t  have enough space to store all of your belongings, consider hiring one of the best Miami storage services to help you.

    When you choose to make a piece of wood furniture the first step is to choose the right material.  There are many variations in the color of wood, density, and durability of the wooden piece. The easiest way is to buy ready-made shelves or raw cut planks for your DIY project.

    The important thing is to calculate the time it will take to finish the piece you want to make. If you believe it will take more time than you have, the best thing to do is to buy completed planks. You can find them in stores and you can choose the design, measurement, and style.

    Floating shelves for every room

    After your relocation, you might be moving fine art and antiques in Miami with you. Adding additional floating shelves on your walls is a creative way to get more storage space in your new Miami home. For this quest, you can use pallets. You can find everything else you need in hardware stores. If the pieces are not already painted you’ll need wood paint, screws and the most important part are shelf brackets.

    When choosing the color of your shelves you should consider your room color, the color of your furniture and the color of curtains or drapes in your Miami home.  Working with pallets takes time and effort but if you have time, you can make unique wood pieces for your home.

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