Dental Office Moving: How to Relocate Your Dental Practice

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    Dental Office Moving: How to Relocate Your Dental Practice

    If you own a dental practice in Coral Springs, you may eventually choose to move to another location. You might need more space, or another piece of commercial real estate may be in a better location. Either way, dental office moving can be a complex undertaking. You’ll need experienced commercial movers to safely relocate all of your sensitive equipment to your new office. These tips for dental office moving can help you plan your move.

    Planning Your Move

    There are many good reasons to move your dental practice to a new location. Sometimes, over the years, the demographics or real estate values in your old location can change in a way that isn’t in your favor. If you’re a pediatric dentist, but your community is now composed mostly of retirees, moving might make good sense. Reduced traffic and other changes in traffic patterns can also play a role. In some cases, technological advancements make new equipment available, which requires more space to accommodate it. Once you’ve found a suitable new location, you’ll need to plan for office moving.

    Prepare a Detailed Moving Plan

    Before moving your office, you’ll need to examine a diagram of your new office space, to determine where key equipment is going to be positioned. In some cases, the space may need renovations to be well suited to your dental practice. It’s important to schedule an office move well in advance, at least six months ahead of time. That gives you enough time to plan and organize before moving day. Prior to packing and moving, you should also take inventory of all of the equipment, furniture, and other items you have in the office. If you need to purchase any new items for the new office, it’s a good idea to do this before moving in.

    Organizing Your Staff

    You may want to nominate some of your staff members as part of an organized moving team. Staff can also help notify your patients of the move.

    Preparing Your New Space

    Before your office moving company moves everything into your new space, it’s important to make sure that everything is in working order. Working outlets, a security system, working lighting, and central heating and cooling are essential. You’ll also need to arrange a new phone number. About two months in advance, you should notify the postal service of your address change. You should also change your address information on your stationary, business cards, Google My Business page, website, and anywhere else that it’s displayed.

    Notify Your Patients

    When you’re getting close to the date of your move, you’ll need to inform your patients about your office moving to a new address. You can do this by mailing out postcards, or by contacting your patients via email. Some dental practices also put an ad in the newspaper announcing their new location.

    Review Your Patient Files

    Your software probably has records of patients who are no longer active. You and your staff can go through your files to deactivate or delete inactive patients, and ensure that active patients are notified of the move. Office moving is a great opportunity to “clean house,” and this includes your electronic records.

    Get Moving Insurance

    Moving insurance is always a wise decision for dental office moving. Renter’s insurance may not cover damage to equipment or furniture during the move, and moving companies cannot always be legally held responsible for property damage. Moving companies are responsible in many areas for a minimum payment for damaged goods, but they may not be required to reimburse the entire cost. That’s what moving insurance is for. Commercial moving companies are not permitted to offer their own insurance, so mover’s insurance is bought from third party insurance companies.

    Hire a Good Commercial Office Moving Company

    You’ll need to hire an experienced commercial moving company, with experience handling sensitive professional equipment. You can get estimates from several companies before making your decision.

    Office Movers in Coral Springs

    At Orange Movers, we make office moving easy with reliable, professional commercial moving services. To find out more, call us any time, or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with a representative.

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