Moving Your Business? This Commercial Moving Checklist Can Help You Plan Your Move

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    Moving Your Business? This Commercial Moving Checklist Can Help You Plan Your Move

    If you’re getting ready to move your business from Coral Gables to a new location, you’ll need to start planning for commercial moving well in advance. Moving a business can be surprisingly complicated, and there are many things you’ll need to keep track of over the course of several months. This commercial moving checklist can help you get ready to relocate your business.

    Starting in Advance: What To Do As Your Office Moving Date Approaches

    Here are some of the things you’ll need to do in advance before moving your office.

    6 Months Before the Move

    • Nominate staff members to be part of a move planning team.
    • If needed, find and book an interior designer for the new office space.
    • Plan the design of your phone and computer systems.
    • Start looking at moving companies and researching local commercial movers.

    3-4 Months Before the Move

    • Meet with your move planning team to go over details.
    • Finalize your plans for the new phone and computer systems.
    • Finalize your new office design.

    2 Months Before the Move

    • Schedule all your new utilities.
    • Update your address on your stationary, business cards, and other materials.
    • Update your address on your website and your Google My Business page.
    • Schedule service for copiers and other equipment before moving them.
    • Choose the moving company you’re going to hire.
    • Buy any new equipment you might need for your new office.

    1 Month Before the Move

    • Contact all of your suppliers and inform them that you’re moving.
    • Inform your customers that you’re moving.
    • Call for service on copiers and other equipment the day before the move.
    • Confirm all relevant details with your move planning team.
    • Make a list of online media that still need to be updated.

    2-3 Weeks Before the Move

    • Finalize your commercial moving plans.
    • Order new keys, arrange parking spaces, and take care of other tasks for your new office.
    • Complete a walkthrough of your old and new offices with the movers.
    • Confirm your plans for installing new phones and computers.

    1 Week Before the Move

    • If you and your staff are packing things yourselves, get advice from your commercial movers.
    • Label art and furniture as you’re packing it.
    • Visit your new office and confirm that everything is going as planned.
    • Start packing, or pay a commercial moving company to pack for you.
    • Create and document plans for unpacking at your new office.

    The Day Before the Move

    • Finish all packing and labeling.
    • Transfer and reinstall your phones and computer equipment.
    • Make sure all of your online media are updated with your new address.
    • Go over layout and unpacking plans for the new office with your employees.

    The Day of the Move

    • Only you, your commercial movers, and your staff moving team need to be present.
    • Finalize computer and phone installation.
    • Unpack everything into your new office layout.
    • Return equipment or boxes that you borrowed during the move.

    Moving Your Technology

    The commercial moving checklist above is relatively generalized. However, you’ll need some extra steps regarding computers and other IT assets that you may have. Here are some extra tips for moving computers, copiers, and other tech equipment into your new office.

    • Assess the IT infrastructure of the old and new locations. You’ll want to make sure modems, routers, and electrical outlets are in locations where you’ll need them.
    • Inventory all of your technology assets. Before packing and moving, take inventory of all of your tech devices. This will help you determine whether you’ll need to buy more computers and printers, and to keep track of things as you unpack after commercial moving.
    • Evaluate your current network and cabling. How is everything set up in your old office? Is your new office layout suitable?
    • Evaluate potential upgrades. You may want to update software or hardware before or after your move.
    • Back up your data. If you don’t already have backups, now is a great time to create them. There are many options for data backups, including both on-site and cloud-based options.

    Commercial Moving Made Easy

    At Orange Movers, we’re experienced commercial movers, and we’ve helped many Coral Gables businesses successfully relocate throughout the Miami area. To find out more, call us any time, or fill out our contact form.

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