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    When changing your place of residence, it is not all about moving itself. Sure, you need to hire local movers in Miami and make sure everything goes well. But, what to do after your move? You don’t want to just sit in your home away from people. The best way to meet new friends is taking some classes you are interested in. Therefore, we present you some of the classes you can take in Miami.

    What are the most popular classes you can take in Miami?

    Since Miami is a city with various cultures, there are also many different things you can learn there. So, we have listed some of the most popular and most useful classes in Miami.

    Cooking classes you can take in Miami

    Your cheap Miami movers have moved you and your belongings to your new place. And now you are ready to learn some new stuff, or improve what you already know. It’s time to learn how to make your favorite recipes from the best chefs of the city. From Kendall to Brickell to Winwood, make a choice from practical culinary pursuits. You will whisk everything from Asian street food to fresh pasta, classic Indian and even velvet chocolate. And the best thing is that you do not need any previous cooking experience.

    Cooking classes you can take in Miami
    Be sure to sign up in advance, because the spots quickly fill up
    1. Ayesha’s Kitchen. Here, students are encouraged to learn how to cook their curry from scratch. You will learn much about classic Indian cuisine, vegetarian delights and Indian and Mexican mashups.
    2. Biltmore Culinary Academy. During a limited number of classes per year, the Biltmore Culinary School covers a wide range of topics: from Asian street food to Latin, Italian and chocolate.
    3. La Cucina in La Centrale. Risotto, pizza, pasta and canola are part of the monthly La Centrale schedule for culinary activities in La Cucina. La Cucina also provides free cooking classes for children on the weekends.
    4. In the kitchen with Norman Van Aken. Led by the founding father of the New World cuisine, it offers generous culinary classes offering a fare from French dishes to barbecue and vegetarians. Classes are in the luxurious home kitchen, next to his restaurant Wynwood.
    5. The Winwood Yard. Belt on the apron and find out how to make healthy food. Some of the best chefs in Miami teach private groups how to create sustainable recipes using local and seasonal ingredients.

    Language classes in Miami

    Fluency in several languages can help you, especially if you want to experience Miami like a local. Latin Americans make up 60 percent of the population, which makes Spanish the dominant language in this city. French and Portuguese are becoming increasingly popular, as more people from Canada, Brazil and Haiti are moving to Miami, buying property and vacationing here. Studies show that bilingual people have increased brain density, which increases memory and attention. Perhaps it would be easier to learn a second language in childhood. But if you are willing to put in time and effort, there is no reason why you cannot learn and speak fluently as an adult. Check out some of the best Miami options for learning a new language.

    best language classes you can take in Miami
    Choose from the best language classes you can take in Miami

    Best places for language classes you can take in Miami

    1. South Beach Languages. Near the ocean, South Beach Languages teaches English and Spanish to people of all ages. Join classes with small groups or take individual lessons, if you like. Beginners, intermediate and college preparatory classes are offered, and classes are focused on writing and speaking.
    2. Intensive Language Institute of the University of Miami. Among all language classes you can take in Miami, this one is one of the best. Its most popular classes are Spanish classes. With a maximum of seven students in a classroom, it allows professors to pay the right attention to the students they need. If you think this is for you, an intensive course is a seven-day, eight-hour course. However, it includes benefits: continental breakfast and lunch, a one-hour salsa and a tour of Calle Ocho and Little Havana.
    3. CCLS-Cultural Center for Language Studies. Providing instructions in English, Spanish and Portuguese, the Cultural Center for Language Studies offers a flexible schedule. Gather two of your friends to conduct classes with you, and then the instructor will give lessons in the place you choose. Learn an entirely new language and have fun with it.
    4. The language on Lincoln. The most popular street on South Beach is the Lincoln Road. Besides that, it is also the location of Language On Lincoln, a school that teaches English and Spanish. Its superb location makes it ideal for residents and visitors to participate in learning a new language. You can conduct classes in just two weeks or up to 12 weeks. Private and group lessons are also available, and group sessions do not exceed six students.
    5. Open Hearts Academy. Learn English and get to know some of Miami’s hottest attractions and historical sites. Near the metro MetroRail and the Metrobus stop, it is easy to get to and from the class.

    Dance classes in Miami

    With all those Latin people, dances are something you must know when you are in Miami. Otherwise, you may miss enjoying in many of the fun things in Miami.

    dance classes you can take in Miami
    Here are the most popular dance classes you can take in Miami
    1. Belly Dance Fundamentals. Learn one of the most popular dances in the world with experienced instructors. And tone your body doing it.
    2. Classical Indian Dance. Master the unique style elements of this ancient Indian dance, learning about the new culture in the process.
    3. Capoeira in the Park. As one of the most interesting dances, capoeira attracts many people. It is important to know that these classes are free. You just need to confirm your presence in advance.
    4. Pole Dance Classes. If you want to learn how to dance, and workout at the same time, this is one of the best classes you can take in Miami. One-hour-long sessions will make your body stronger and more attractive.

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