Cheap Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

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    In this article, you will find some great and cheap Florida mobile home remodeling ideas. If you are planning to buy and move to a manufactured home in Florida, or you already live in one, you will be happy to know that there are many ways for to do a mobile home remodeling without breaking your bank. Of course, the cost of your remodeling will depend on the state of your mobile home. If you have a leaking roof, rusty outside, or windows that don’t function properly, the cost of your remodeling will certainly increase. But if your home is in good condition and you just want to make a change you can expect that it will cost you significantly less. However, in both cases, you will have to roll up your sleeves and do some physical work. That is if you want to go cheap.

    Rent storage when you are doing a mobile home remodeling

    Do not forget that if you are planning to do a major home remodeling, you will have to empty your mobile home. That means you will have to hire a moving company to carry your items to a storage facility. Packing on your own is the one thing that could help to lower your expenses in this situation. Hiring a packing crew is not expensive, but if you are planning to remodel your mobile home, every dollar counts. And packing a mobile home is really not that hard, especially if you have someone to help you. So, here is one tip. If your mobile home is in the Hollywood FL area, storage North Miami Beach is the perfect solution for you. They are close, they offer great short-term storing solutions, and you won’t feel like you’ve been ripped off in the end.

    Storage units you could use when doing a mobile home remodeling
    You will need to rent a storage unit when doing a mobile home remodeling

    Doing a mobile house remodeling is not an easy task

    If you want to do a whole mobile home remodel, you are in for a task. Even though doing a mobile home remodeling is much easier that remodeling a traditionally constructed house, you should know that it will definitely be a difficult undertaking. If you want to completely change the appearance of your home, you will have to do something about the outside of your home, change the floor, paint walls, replace the ceiling, or maybe add a patio. There is much work to be done. Moreover, if you want to go cheap, you will have to do most of the things on your own. And, the more construction skills you have, the cost of your remodeling goes lower.

    Things you will have to do when doing a mobile home remodeling

    • The most exciting thing to do when doing a mobile home remodeling is to add a patio.
    • Deal with your home exterior
    • Refresh the ceiling
    • Color your walls
    • Add new carpets

    Add a patio to your mobile home

    Adding a patio cover, awning or a carport to your mobile home can do much in changing its appearance. But, besides appearance, it will boost your living comfort by extending your living space. It’s also good for lowering the energy consumption needed for cooling, by acting as a protection from Florida’s powerful sun rays. Even though that looks like a big investment, that is not the case. They are usually made from aluminum panels and they cost as low as $8 per square foot. And they are not that hard to install. You will usually find 2 designs for the top surface. A flat-pan and a W-pan design. If your plan is to go as cheap as possible, you should go with the flat-pan. You just have to pick posts for your new patio. Wide flat scroll 8 ″ columns are your cheapest option and they look decent enough.

    Doing a mobile home exterior remodeling

    If you want to make a dramatic change in the appearance of your mobile home, there is no quicker and cheaper way to do it that than to take a bucket of paint and paint the exterior of your home. On the other hand, if your home’s exterior is not in good condition you could decide to install a completely new siding. Of course, new siding will also add insulation, better soundproofing, and protection from animals, which is very important in Florida. There are few options for you to consider but the most popular, and at the same time, the cheapest option is vinyl siding.

    But be cautious. You need to know that this is maybe not the perfect solution for the places with high heat, as Florida is. As it can sometimes distort. So if you plan to install this cheap home improvement Florida, you should only use white color for your vinyl siding because it’s best in reflecting hot sun rays.

    Vinyl mobile home exterior panels in different colors
    Choose white color when remodeling your mobile home exterior in Florida

    Door remodeling

    Your mobile home’s exterior remodeling is almost finished. You only have to deal with doors and windows. Depending on their condition, you can decide to replace them or you can do some DIY makeover. If your door is in a good state, then painting is your cheapest and sometimes the best option. But if you think that just painting is not enough then you can try to stick some vinyl or wooden panel over your door. There are some really cheap vinyl panels for bathrooms that look great. Nail it onto your old wooden door and it will look completely new. As far as windows are concerned, you have options to paint them or replace them.

    Hiring movers when doing a mobile home remodeling

    If you plan to do an extensive mobile home remodeling, the first thing you should do is to move your belongings to a storage unit. Moving companies Fort Lauderdale are among the best, and they offer cheap solutions for quick transportation of your belongings from your home to your storage unit and back.

    Mobile home ceiling remodeling

    When your mobile home is completely empty, you can start by bringing your ideas into life. First, you need to take care of the ceiling. Your cheapest solution is to paint it white. If your ceiling is made of gypsum panels you can just replace it with new. It may not be the best-looking solution, but it is certainly the cheapest.

    Painting and remodeling mobile home
    Paint your walls and ceiling

    Remodeling your walls

    Next, you should deal with the walls. If you have gypsum drywalls that are in good condition, then you just need to think about colors. There are sometimes wooden or vinyl panels installed. Wooden panels are also easy to paint, you just need to use wood paints. On the other hand, vinyl panels don’t look nice when painted. So, if you want, you can easily replace them. 

    Floor remodeling

    You only need to take care of the floor and you’ve done a whole mobile home remodeling. If your floor is in good condition, and you are still thinking about cheap and simple mobile home solutions, then it is better not to touch it. Add a few new carpets and you will easily change the appearance of your floor.

    Take care of your mobile home

    Even though you can always find great and cheap properties in Florida real estate market, mobile homes stay one of the most popular cheap housing solutions in the US. So if you are a proud owner of a mobile home, take good care of your precious home and it will last for many years.

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