Close up of a white fridge.

How to Move a Refrigerator?

When packing and moving possessions for your relocation, it is important to do everything in the correct way. Bulky items like a couch or a wardrobe are hard to move and they may break. Still, you have to be even more careful if you are moving electronic appliances. When you are thinking about how to […]

Two glasses of eggnog on a red tablecloth.

How To Celebrate Christmas In Florida

When thinking about winter and Christmas in Florida, we are sure that all you see are sunny weather and beaches. There is not even a trace of that traditional Christmas image of streets covered in snow and people wrapped up in scarves and gloves. While Florida may not be a winter wonderland such as some […]

An office desk.

The Proper Way to Pack Up a Desk

Moving an office is not the same as moving your home. This is because commercial moving has a set of challenges all of its own. You do not have the same furniture in your home and in your office, right? Thus, you cannot expect that moving your home will go along the lines of moving […]

A blue parrot.

Tips for transporting exotic pets to Miami

Not every person is a dog or a cat person. Some people prefer to live a life on the edge, riddled with mysteries and adventures. If you were born as a daredevil, the possibilities of you becoming a dog owner instead of a tarantula owner are slim. But as you probably already know, exotic pets […]

Choose between moving containers vs. truck rentals

Moving Containers Vs. Truck Rentals

Relocating your family is a life-changing event. This entire complicated process has to go smooth and safe. Furthermore, if you want to do everything without delays or unnecessary expenses, you need to take the time and weigh all options. Packing and transporting your possessions is the bread and butter of all moving. If you fail […]

A plant on the window.

Non-Allowable Items in Moving Containers

The most common question is what to pack when moving, but maybe the more important question is what not to move and what are prohibited items for moving. If you pack some of the prohibited items it can be dangerous for you, your items and for workers in the moving company. So, if you want to […]

How to Hurricane Proof Your House

There are many things in life you can protect yourself from – natural disasters are not one of them. It is a known fact that natural disasters can have horrific consequences from both material and emotional perspective. Besides earthquakes, if you are living in Florida, you face the danger hurricanes bring with them. And while […]

Gold piggy bank to save money on your office move.

How to Save Money on Your Office Move

Do you need to relocate your office to another state or city, but your budget is not big? Do not worry, there are so many ways to save money on your office move and to do it right. Also, to save your time, because time is money. Prepare for an office move and do a successful […]

Sleeping on the couch on the first night in your new home.

How to Prepare for the First Night in Your New Home

Moving is such an exciting life event, but it is also one you should be prepared for, especially for the first night in your new home after an exhausting moving. It can be both a happy and sad moment at the same time and it is what you make of it. Luckily we can help you […]

A man signing a contract before breaking a lease in Florida.

Laws on Breaking a Lease in Florida

Breaking a lease in Florida is more often than not difficult. Generally speaking, breaking a lease anywhere is not very favorable. However, sometimes, life circumstances may force you to do it. While not really the most optimal situation to find yourself in, there are ways to do it without getting into much legal trouble. Laws […]