Best South Florida colleges

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    Best South Florida colleges

    It’s time for college, and you are moving to South Florida to pursue further education. There are so many things to plan and so many things to factor in! Which college will you pick? Will you need South Florida storage? Are you feeling stressed and lost? If you still haven’t decided on what college you will be going to, then you are in luck! In this article, we take a look at some of the best South Florida colleges!

    1. Best South Florida colleges – University of South Florida – Sarasota – Manatee campus

    A pile of books.
    Think carefully when picking the college for you.

    You can find the University of South Florida in Sarasota. If you decide to enroll in this college, you will be one of the 2000 students here. This small number allows the college to boasts some exceptional numbers: there is an individualistic focus on learning, with the student-teacher ratio being 13:1. The school also has the student satisfaction of 92%.

    There are 18 undergraduate majors and over 25 minors to pick from. These range from Accounting and Anthropology, over History or Hospitality Management to Sociology or Risk Management. The location of the school also offers exceptional internship opportunities, too. For example, if you are enrolled in Biology, you have a chance to use the off-site lab at Mote Marine Laboratory. This experience provides hands-on learning and working with the leading scientists in Biology. And same goes for many other fields, too!

    You can learn more about USFSM on their official website.

    2. Best South Florida colleges – New College of Florida

    Another college in Sarasota is also the New College of Florida. It’s a relative newcomer in the college game, being only 50 years old. However, it has promptly climbed up many lists of the best colleges in South Florida, so it is worth relocating to Florida if you are from a different state.  It’s even smaller than the first college on the list – having only 800 students. This number, however, means that the student-teacher ratio drops down to 10:1, which may appeal to those seeking a personalized education. The college, however, exclusively focused on undergraduate students, and is a liberal arts college offering a range of careers.

    There are around 40 “areas of concentration” (or majors) to pick from. These include majors such as marine biology, Russian language and literature, as well as medieval and renaissance studies. Moreover, students can also create their own personal programs for an interdisciplinary degree. There are three divisions to choose from after enrolling to New College of Florida. These are:

    • Humanities,
    • Social Sciences and
    • Natural Sciences – the three divisions all best South Florida colleges offer.

    3. Best South Florida colleges – Florida International University

    Miami, where a number of the best South Florida colleges are located.
    A number of the best South Florida colleges are in Miami.

    If you are looking for something more metropolitan, you can head to Miami and enroll to the Florida International University. The university boasts the claim of being the only public research institution in Miami. Carnegie Foundation also designated FIU as having the Highest Research Activity. It also takes the first place out of all the universities in the nation for awarding bachelor’s degrees to Hispanic students.

    Starting from 2017, the Florida International University offered nearly 200 degree programs. These span every academic level and include some innovative and unique programs like Asian studies, Portuguese language and even a degree in real estate. Florida International University is one of the best South Florida colleges because it offers many other unique opportunities to its students. For example, those interested in marine biology have access to the Aquarius Reef Base. This is quite significant – the Base is the only underwater ocean lab in the world.

    The university offers both campus study and online study options, and you can visit its webpage here.

    4. Best South Florida colleges – the University of Miami

    How do you visit Miami and not talk about the university that carries the city’s name? Sitting in the beautiful neighborhood of Coral Gables, the University of Miami offers its students teachers who are experts in their own fields and a hands-on experience that many value. There are 11 school and colleges to pick from here. These different schools together offer you a large number of 115 undergraduate degrees to choose from. There is the School of Architecture, the College of Engineering, and if you are into music – the Frost School of Music, amongst other schools.

    The University of Miami also offers many unique programs. These include Africana studies or Judaic studies, as well as neuroscience or sports administration – there is something for everyone! If you are feeling more ambitious, you can pursue a dual degree in biology, marine geology and others, too! And that’s not enough for you, there are also various programs of distinction, which include Foot Fellows Honors Program, the da Vinci Program and the Health Professions Mentoring Program.

    Finally, if all of these didn’t sate your hunger, you can also join one of the 280 students organization, or 44 service groups and 26 sports clubs. And once you get tired of the academics life, you can stroll down to the cinema or the art museum that are also on campus.

    You can find the University of Miami on its website.

    5. Best South Florida Colleges – the Ave Maria University

    Students celebrating their graduation.
    A lot of colleges offer both undergraduate and graduate levels of study.

    The final on our list of best South Florida colleges is the Ave Maria University. The Ave Maria University is a Catholic institution where you can search for both undergraduate and graduate level of studies. Currently, there are around 1,100 students. This means the college provides both intimate and personalized education. It has climbed on many lists of the best South Florida college due to its cost. It is a great college for those cost-conscious. Up to 99% of students receive some kind of financial aid – which is quite an impressive number.

    There are 30 majors to pick from in the Ave Maria University. These include unique programs such as American studies, Greek language or Early Christian literature. Finally, it is close to the Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal and the Stein Center for Social Research, and the college utilized both of these. Students get hands-on experience both here and on many other venues the school works with.

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