Best Places to Raise a Family in Florida

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    In most people’s lives, there comes a time to start and raise a family. For some, this happens earlier and for some, it happens later. Whatever the case, we all want to provide the best possible living conditions for our loved ones. Picking the best life for your family starts with location. Raising a family in a safe area with plenty of opportunities is very desirable. This is why many people are even ready to move across the state to settle into a more family-friendly community. Florida is generally considered to be a state that can provide many benefits to families. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the best places to raise a family in Florida.

    The hallmarks of a family-friendly city

    What exactly is considered to be a “family-friendly” area? We often hear this term being used, but what does it actually entail? A family-friendly city or neighborhood is a place where people have the opportunity to provide a high living standard for their loved ones. This means having the ability to produce everything necessary for a happy and fulfilled life. Cases of families hiring international movers South Florida has to move from far away have not been unheard of. Starting from the very basics, we have:

    • Housing
    • Safety (Low crime rate, protection from persecution, etc.)
    • Basic hygiene and clean water
    • Healthcare
    • Employment opportunities

    Additional benefits

    Once the basics have been covered, you can move on to the more specific benefits of living in a certain area. These are factors that influence the quality of life in the long term. For families, it is especially important for children to have access to adequate education and recreation facilities. This is why plenty of families have come from other states with the help of reliable interstate movers South Florida has on hand. Some of the secondary benefits people look for when moving to a new area are:

    • Lifestyle compatibility
    • Education opportunities (for all levels)
    • Traffic regulation
    • Access to recreation facilities and events
    • Likable climate
    • Nature and natural sites
    • Air Quality

    The state of Florida

    Florida is located in the southeastern region of the United States. The state capital is Tallahassee, but the most populous city is Jacksonville. The most populous urban area in Florida is the Miami metropolitan area, with 6.2 million inhabitants. This makes it the 7th most populous urban area in the entire United States. Florida has experienced growth in the recent decades in almost every aspect. From its growing population to its expanding economy, Florida seems to be flourishing and developing almost daily. With such a positive trend in most areas, it is no wonder that many see Florida as their future home. People from across the country regularly contact moving companies South Florida has available for commercial and residential relocation services. With its gross state product being the fourth largest of any US state, Florida’s economy is stable and suggests great potential.

    Miami, FL
    There are many excellent places to raise a family in Florida.

    Moving to a new community

    There is so much to think about before contacting some long distance movers South Florida has available. Leaving behind a life you’ve been used to for some time doesn’t seem very appealing to most. This problem is more pronounced when there are children involved. Even more so if the kids have already built up their own small community of friends and acquaintances.

    It can be tough explaining to your children that they are no longer going to be able to see their friends or visit their favorite places. Make sure your research is thorough when picking a place to raise a family in Florida. If you are not only moving your family but also your business, hiring South Florida commercial movers is a good idea.

    How to relocate to another city stress-free

    Relocating to a new home is a tremendous task that requires great patience and precise planning. This can get difficult if you’ve already got a lot on your mind, such as keeping the children occupied and supporting them through this time. It can be challenging to balance everything at once and to do so properly. The best thing to do, in this scenario, is to get some professional help. For example, if you’re moving locally, pick up a phone and get some local movers South Florida on your side. The task list for a move, whether you’re moving locally or long distance is quite long. However, with a reliable ally at your side, such as Orange Mover, you will be in safe hands.

    Movers with a van
    Hire professional movers to help your family relocate to your new home without hassle and stress.

    Whatever the case and the requirement, you can rest easy knowing that it will be taken care of with utmost precision, respect, and efficiency. Get in touch with the best moving companies that offer special services in South Florida and arrange for your family’s relocation today.

    Fort Lauderdale

    One of the best locations for a family, across the nation, is Fort Lauderdale. . There are numerous benefits Fort Lauderdale offers to people who are starting or raising families. Recently, many young families from all corners of the United States have been contacting local movers Fort Lauderdale has available with the goal of moving there. Fort Lauderdale is a place that offers tremendous opportunities. One of the most important things to mention about it is the low crime rate. An area with a low crime rate is much more desirable for families. Feeling comfortable about moving around and your kids’ safety is absolutely crucial.

    A classroom
    Fort Lauderdale offers amazing opportunities for education at all levels, making it one of the prime places to raise a family in Florida.

    Let’s talk about education. We all want the best for our children. Being able to provide them with opportunities to develop their talents and chase their dreams is critical. Fort Lauderdale shines when it comes to education options for all levels. Fort Lauderdale has 39 primary and secondary public schools available as part of the Broward County Public Schools system. From kindergartens to higher-level educational institutions, Fort Lauderdale has it all. Additionally, there are many fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale for youngsters. Activities, sports events and clubs, parks, museums, rec areas, and many more, are at your disposal. No wonder many from neighboring states have hired long distance movers Fort Lauderdale to help them move here.


    A lot of people think of Orlando as more of a tourist destination than a place to settle. This is due to Orlando being the home of both Universal Orlando Resort, and the Walt Disney World Resort. Indeed, many people visit Orlando year-round to visit these attractions. However, Orlando is actually a prime location to raise a family in Florida.

    In the past decade, Florida moving services providers have had quite a few relocations to Orlando. Just like Fort Lauderdale, Orlando has a very low crime rate. This makes it very desirable as family security is a top priority on the list. Nothing is more important than the safety of our closest. The city of Orlando, nicknamed “The City Beautiful”, offers a mixture of urban and suburban living options.

    a person holding a Orlando Universal Resort card
    Orlando is one of the best places to raise a family in Florida.

    When it comes to other benefits, Orlando is generally considered a vivid and exciting place. Recently, many young families have relocated to Orlando with the help of residential movers South Florida can provide. We already mentioned the resorts and you can be sure your children will enjoy the visits. Apart from that, you can expect your children to get fine education in Orlando. In fact, the high school students from Orlando rank ninth for college readiness out of the 150 metro areas on the Best Places to Live list. This means your children will likely be eligible to attend a prestigious college. There is a number of fine restaurants, parks, and other attractions to enjoy. The sports culture in Orlando is very developed and often throughout the year, there are sports events to attend.

    Deerfield Beach

    While most people treat Deerfield Beach as a vacation destination, it has a lot to offer as a place of residence. With its natural beauty shining year-round, there is always something to gaze at with awe and enjoyment. Deerfield has one of the lowest median home price rates in the country. This is a huge benefit and it alone makes Deerfield one of the best places to raise a family in Florida. Professional movers Deerfield Beach has will help you settle into the new community without an issue. Once you’re there, you will be astonished by the cleanliness of the beaches and surrounding areas. In fact, Deerfield’s beaches are rated as some of the nation’s cleanest and most environmentally safe.


    Ocala is yet another great city to raise a family in Florida. The city of Ocala offers numerous positive factors to consider. For example, the median cost of housing property in Ocala is 168,000$, which is nearly twice as cheap as in some of the other cities in Florida. Unfortunately, the average annual salary is just under 40,000$. If you are confident in your budgeting skills or have a better-paying job, Ocala may be perfect for you. One of the big pluses Ocala offers is the short commute time. The commute time in Ocala is considerably below the national average. This could save precious time you’d want to spend with your family. One more interesting fact about Ocala is that the average age of inhabitants is 38.7. This indicates a relatively “young” population. Yet another great reason to get a hold of reliable packing services South Florida has and move right here.

    Young people talking about the places to raise a family in Florida
    Ocala has one of the youngest populations in the country, making it a great place for your children to grow up and socialize.


    The city of Sarasota is one of the most peaceful and safest communities in the entire United States. While Sarasota is considered to be the best place to retire in the entire country, it also offers benefits for families. If you are thinking of where to raise a family in Florida, Sarasota may be among your best choices. Due to its extremely low rates of murder and property crime, it is very desirable for retirees as well as new families. The average age of the populace of Sarasota is 52.5, which means your kids may not have as much company as in other cities. This is countered, however, by excellent education options that offer solid college readiness scores. A warm climate is also a benefit for those who enjoy hot summers and temperate winters.

    Elderly couple with grandchildren
    Many of the benefits retirees enjoy are also compatible with the requirements of a growing family.

    Pompano Beach

    Pompano Beach is another hidden jewel in the crown of Florida’s family life. Known nationwide for its astonishing waterfront views, outdoor areas, beaches, and excellent location, it is a very popular destination for visitors. However, it is quickly becoming one of the most desirable locations in South Florida for new families. Offering a treasure trove of popular dining spots, and fun activities for youngsters and adults alike, Pompano Beach is gaining popularity rapidly. The picturesque beaches of Pompano are often far from their Fort Lauderdale counterparts in terms of peace. The cost of living in Pompano Beach is around the national average. You can also invest in some high-quality storage Pompano Beach has available if you need to put away some things while you prepare the new family home.

    Boynton Beach

    Why does Boynton Beach make our list of the best places to raise a family in Florida? It’s simple – over 86 different family activities available for you and your kids to enjoy! Movie theaters, parks, wildlife areas, and fishing spots are just some of the many attractions. The city of Boynton Beach is also home to Schoolhouse Children’s Museum & Learning Center. Living in Boynton Beach offers a mix of urban and suburban life and it is interesting to mention that most residents are homeowners. This means that the quality of life in Boynton is such that you are more than likely to purchase a home sooner or later, once you move there. Moving to Boynton should pose no challenge, even if you need to move hefty items such as pianos. With the aid of the most reliable piano movers South Florida can provide, all of your possessions should arrive safely.

    Family in on the rock by the sea talking about the best places to raise a family in Florida
    Boynton offers many outdoor activities for families who enjoy spending time in nature.

    Coconut Creek

    As one of the 10 best places in Florida and one of the best places to live in America (as spotlighted by Money Magazine), Coconut Creek is a piece of heaven for families. In fact, Coconut Creek is the home of 61,000 residents, but you may feel like it’s an even smaller and more secluded place. There are numerous parks and family-oriented events to visit with your loved ones. What’s more, some of the top-rated schools are also located in Coconut Creek. When considering places to raise a family in Florida, Coconut Creek should be at the top of your list of candidates. Moving companies Fort Lauderdale has can provide for residential moves and will handle your relocation with expedience and punctuality.

    Best places to raise a family in Florida – the conclusion

    Florida has a lot to offer to people in search of a family-friendly location. With so many cities that can provide all you need for you and your closest ones, there are few better places in the country. Have a look at our list of best places to raise a family in Florida again and make the final call. Once you’re sure, get a hold of professional movers. Hopefully, this article has helped you make the right decision for your family. Good luck!




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