Best neighborhoods for families in Tampa

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    Are you planning to move soon? And you are still not sure where? Are you thinking about relocating to Florida? The only problem is that you don’t know where exactly. One of the common choices is the city of Tampa. You may have heard that it is a great city to live in. But, what are the best neighborhoods for families in Tampa?

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    You want to find the perfect place for your new home

    Have you ever been to Tampa? If so, you already know that the city is one of the most attractive places to live in the USA. The atmosphere here speaks for itself, and a sense of prosperity is at every turn. Local climate, sustainable urban environment, natural resources and economic progress together create a place that the locals are proud of. Moving to Tampa is something you should think about. In this article, we will present you the best neighborhoods for families in Tampa. That is, of course, our opinion. At least it can help you decide. So, before you opt for moving services in Florida, take a look at our list and choose.

    How did we make our list of best neighborhoods for families in Tampa?

    There are numerous factors that we take into consideration when choosing the best family neighborhoods in Tampa. First of them is definitely the safety. You don’t want your children to grow up in a neighborhood full of homeless people. Or in an area where there is a lot of crime. Secondly, we check the prices of houses. It is really important not to spend too much money on buying your new home. Also, you need to be sure that you are getting the house for the right price. Thirdly, we look for schools and universities, since you probably want your children to go to best schools. After we considered all of that, we made this list. So, here are the best neighborhoods for families in Tampa:

    1. Harbour Island

    It is an island neighborhood within the city limits of Tampa and the sub-district within Downtown Tampa. This neighborhood consists of mostly private residential areas, including condos, apartments, single-family and large houses, as well as a yacht club. It has a population of about 4,000 people. Approximately one third of them has a Master’s degree or higher. There are 85 public schools your children can choose from. You can both rent or buy a house in this area. Median rents are usually somewhere around $2,000. If you decide to buy a house, for a decent one you should gather about $200,000. And if you want to live in a more luxurious place, be ready to pay up to $3,000,000.

    2. Hyde Park

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    If walking in nature is your thing, then Hyde Park is the place for you

    Hyde Park is a historic neighborhood and district.  Its history and proximity to downtown Tampa make it one of the best neighborhood for families in Tampa. In this neighborhood live around 1,600 people. Most of them have their own houses, since only 22% rent a place. Median rent is about $1,300. Prices of the houses are a bit higher, so they can go from $300,000 up to $4,000,000. Hyde Park is adjacent to the University of Tampa. This area has a lot of public schools, as well as one private school.

    3. New Suburb Beautiful

    New Suburb Beautiful is a small neighborhood within the Hyde Park district. In this area live around 2,000 people. Renting a house is not very popular there, but you can still do that for little less than $1,000. Prices for houses go from $200,000 to $1,500,000.

    4. Spanishtown

    It is a very safe neighborhood with a great community feel to it. It is a slightly bigger neighborhood with little over 5,000 people. They are very friendly and they always welcome new neighbors with open arms. Rents are around $1,500, but you can find something for less money. With a median household income of $115,000, that is practically nothing. Houses are not very expensive, from $200,000 to $500,000. This area is not very popular for single people, so there are no nightclubs or any type of nightlife.

    5. Palma Ceia

    Palma Ceia is bigger than most of the Tampa neighborhoods. It has approximately 5,000 people. More than 60% of them have Bachelors or higher degree. Palma Ceia is the number one on the list of best neighborhoods to buy a house in Tampa area. Prices for homes go from $200,000 to $1,200,00. If you decide to rent a place, then be ready to pay about $1,200. If you are looking for best places for families in Tampa, then Palma Ceia is definitely a place you need to consider.

    How to choose between the best neighborhoods for families in Tampa?

    Searching for the best neighborhoods for families in Tampa
    Your computer might be your best friend when looking for the best neighborhoods for families in Tampa

    Seeing this list just made your choice more difficult? All of those neighborhoods seem nice and you are not sure which one to pick? If that’s you, then the first thing you need to do is to make a list of your wishes. Put everything you want your new neighborhood to have. Then start investigating the neighborhoods. Check which one has everything, or at least most of the things from your list.

    If you want your neighborhood to be safe, search for the information about the crime rate. On the Internet, you can find data about all crimes that happened there. See if you want to live in some area where some violent crimes can happen.

    If your children’s education is the most important thing for you, then check all the schools. See which ones are the best, how far they would be, how they treat students, etc. And if you want your children to be close to you even after they finish high school, then check which neighborhood is close to some of the universities, such as the Everglades University.

    And, finally, look for homes. Some neighborhood may seem perfect, but you simply do not have enough money for them. Look for houses with a bit lower price. After all, best neighborhoods for families in Tampa are the ones you can afford.

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