Best Florida places for single parents 

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    If you are a single parent, you are aware of how many things you need to think about before deciding what is the best place to raise your child. There are a lot of concerns and factors you need to take into consideration before you make the final decision. It may seem easy to decide which are the best Florida places for single parents. However, you need to make an equally hard decision to decide to which place you want to move. At that moment, it is most important that you have confidence and sureness that the whole process will go smoothly, which is sure to happen if you have help from Orange Movers Pompano Beach. Now let’s take a look at the places for single parents in Florida.

    Let’s begin with a list of the best Florida places for single parents

    Florida is a state with more than 20 million people and with over 300 cities and places to live in. We have compiled a list of cities that are the most desirable to live in recently. Especially if you are a single parent.

    • Tampa
    • Hollywood
    • Coral Gables
    • Lake Worth Beach
    • Tallahassee

    Tampa is probably one of the best Florida places for single parents

    For years now, Tampa has the rating as one of the best Florida places for single parents. Especially for single mothers. It has the third-most population in Florida, with a population of almost 400.000 citizens.
    The city of Tampa has more than 165 parks and beaches which makes it an amazing city for spending time with your child. This city is considered very safe for living and growing up. Their people are friendly, warm, and very welcoming. Tampa falls into the category of a very affordable city, and it also has a well-developed job market. This is very important if you are a single parent. The opportunities for education and personal and cultural development are also great.

    Tampa at night is one of the best Florida places for single parents 
    Tampa is one of the best Florida places for single parents

    Hollywood – almost as good as the one in Los Angeles

    Just like the one in Los Angeles, Hollywood, the one in Florida is also known for its sunny weather. It is a great place for single parents as it’s a smaller city. However, it is big enough to provide activities for children especially if you love the beach. On top of the phenomenal, seven-mile-long beach, this city also has more than 70 parks. These are ideal for growing up while enjoying daily outdoor activities.

    This town is home to around 150.000 people and offers more than 30 public charter elementary, middle, and high schools. This will make your decision much easier as this city offers a wide range of quality programs. It also has a great selection of private and career schools. If we are looking through educational opportunities for your child, this place is definitely among the best Florida places for single parents. And with movers Hollywood Fl you can be sure that settling down in this place would be one of the best decisions you made for your family.

    Coral Gables – “City Beautiful”

    Coral Gables is known for its boulevards and historical landmarks, and also for its globally known University of Miami. This beautiful city offers various opportunities for new people arriving in town. As this is a town of nearly 50 000 people, it makes it one of the best places for single parents. It offers that welcoming, homely feeling and feeling of safety. You will understand this once you move there with movers Coral Gables. With various public and private schools and a very well-known University, this city provides the opportunity for development while your child is growing up surrounded by its beauty.

    Palm trees at sunset
    Coral Gables has a welcoming community

    Lake Worth Beach – it sounds promising with “Lake and Beach” in his name

    Even though this city is a small one, with barely 40 000 people, the beautiful beach and rich history are what make it one of the most desirable living places, especially if you are a single parent. The city is well known for several cultural events that are hosted annually, which promote cultural and artistic development such as street painting. This city offers great public and private schools, and libraries, as well as numerous parks and opportunities for recreation. So, if you would like to move here contact movers Lake Worth and book your relocation! Once you get here you will get to enjoy with your child one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Palm Beach.

    Tallahassee is an amazing city known for its diversity

    Tallahassee is the capital city of the state of Florida however, it is pretty small for a capital city with barely 200 000 people. We believe this is what makes it one of the most desirable cities in Florida to live in. It offers all the advantages of living in the capital, while on the other hand, it gives a feeling of belonging to the community, with its welcoming and open people. This town is well known for its diversity, and also young population, making it an ideal environment for your child to fit in and make new friends easily.

    Tallahassee is popular for its various amazing public and private schools, which will you provide an opportunity to pick up great education for your child. And what makes it one of the best Florida places for single parents is the fact that this city offers great opportunities for jobs, while the cost of living is cheap and affordable, especially for single parents.

    The beach
    Walking by the sea and playing in the sand are the best way to spend time with your child


    Hope we have given you some idea of what the best Florida places for single parents are. As a single parent, you have to think about many things that might be important for you and your child while trying to fit in a new environment. All the cities we have listed have many differences, but also one of the most important things in common. Whether it’s a small or a bigger town, the people of Florida will make you feel welcome! You will not make a mistake by moving to one of these places in Florida!

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