Best Florida cities for young New Yorkers

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    New York can offer you almost everything. In addition to parks and nature, museums, cultural events, and a good place to start a professional career. It’s hard to find so much diversity in one place. After all, you’re considering a move to Florida. You probably have a good reason. Perhaps you want to reduce the cost of living. Florida is radically cheaper to live in. If you decide to pack up and move to Florida, long distance movers South Florida offers are always at your service. Florida also offers a more comfortable lifestyle. As a young New Yorker, you had to get used to smaller apartments, and a hectic pace of life. Florida is the opposite of all that. Summer is year-round in Florida and there are many seasonal jobs available. Now, we’ll take a look at the top Florida cities for young New Yorkers.

    Miami one of the best Florida cities for young New Yorkers

    If you’ve decided to make Miami your new home know that you’ll never be bored. With the help of movers Lake Worth has to offer, you have packed your bags and embarked on a new adventure. Miami is one of the most desirable places for New Yorkers. Known for its diversity, it will certainly offer you unforgettable moments on the beaches. On the other hand, there are other benefits that can be useful to you. For example, taxes are lower, which is a plus. Don’t forget that Miami has won the flattering title of the happiest city to work in the US. It is a great place for graduates to start careers. In addition to work, a rich nightlife is available, as well as forms of outdoor recreation. The city is ideal for biking, including a wide range of water sports.

    skyscraper by night
    Miami is one of the most sought-after Florida cities for young New Yorkers, where young professionals have the opportunity to start their careers.


    Located in Orange County, Orlando is one of the best places to live in Florida. If you want to escape the busy streets of New York City, Orlando is the city for you. It is also known as “The City Beautiful”, and for good reason. A consistently relaxed atmosphere combined with beautiful beaches for lounging and surfing. If your move is done by the professional moving companies Pompano Beach FL, you will have a smooth transition. In no time you will be enjoying your new life in Orlando. Moreover, the cost of living here is 2% lower than the national average and 3% lower than the Florida average. Property taxes are also lower than the national average by 0.97%.

    Unemployment is low and prices for first-time buyers are more affordable. Once you move with movers Coral Gables has, you’ll have access to some of the most famous theme parks:

    • Walt Disney World
    • Universal Orlando
    • Seaworld
    • Legoland


    If you are a young professional and have decided to leave New York and make a name for yourself in another location, then Tampa is your next destination. When moving, it is always a good decision to hire professional movers such as the movers Pembroke Pines has to offer. Many Tampa companies will give young professionals the opportunity to prove themselves. Be prepared to compete. Being from New York City, you know how to handle business challenges. You’ll enjoy the many festivals that take place right here. These include the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, the Sunset Music Festival, and the Mac & Cheese Throwdown. You can be sure you’ll have a great time.

    Tampa is one of the best Florida Cities for young New Yorkers
    Long beaches, water sports, and vibrant nightlife attract young New Yorkers to move to Florida.

    Fort Lauderdale

    Another of the best Florida cities for young New Yorkers is Fort Lauderdale. With a population of over 180,000, this city is part of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metropolitan area. With the rapid growth of the Miami real estate market, this city is also experiencing residential and commercial growth. If your future home is in Fort Lauderdale, there are reliable moving companies Boca Raton that will meet all your relocation needs.

    The city offers excellent shopping opportunities, and the beaches stretch for 23 miles with a variety of outdoor activities. The commuter rail line offers excellent transportation links between Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

    The Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment District offers many fine restaurants and nightclubs. The Broward Center for the Performing Arts and the famous Elbo Room is within the district.


    A good percentage of the population of Florida’s capital city is made up of students from Florida State University and other area universities. Tallahassee is located in Leon County and is a good place for young professionals. Employment opportunities are found in public service as well as in colleges. If you are considering buying your first property, this is a good choice because the cost of living is also lower. The average age of Tallahassee’s population is 26.9 years. So, if you are a young professional and want to continue your career here after college, this is the place for you. One of the benefits of living in Florida is the fact that the beaches are always there, somewhere. Pack clothes for all four seasons. Although the winters aren’t that cold, don’t be surprised if a snowflake flies.

    coconut trees by the sea
    If you want to escape New York’s weather, Florida is on the list of the most desirable places.

    Palm Beach

    Moving to Palm Beach is one of the most luxurious options for young New Yorkers. You will surely fall in love with Palm Beach as it will offer you excellent shopping in the luxury stores, and the best restaurants. If you love and can afford expensive shopping destinations as well as a luxurious lifestyle under sunny skies, then this is a great choice for ex-New Yorkers. If your business is going in the right direction, you can safely seek the help of moving companies Palm Beach offers and place your life under the sun and excitement of Palm Beach. State and municipal taxes are not paid by Florida residents. Florida has always been cheaper when it comes to taxes, but now it is even more affordable.
    Beach activities, water sports, tennis, and golf are just a few of the many options.

    Moving to Florida can be a great choice for a young New Yorker. You won’t miss the sunshine and fun, and you will surely find your place under the sun in one of the Florida cities for young New Yorkers. Finally, each of these cities will offer you a new lifestyle, and you can always keep your inner New Yorker.





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