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    Moving with a family can be a stressful job. There is not only one person that you need to worry about – but many. And even after you move, your job is not done. You need to set your children up for their new life, which includes finding a new school. If you are moving to Miami with a family, then this job can seem like a nightmare. This is because there are over 170 elementary schools in the Miami-Dade County Public School District. Add to that different charter and private schools, the list can seem staggeringly huge. Luckily, we are here for you! In this article, we give you our pick of the best elementary schools in Miami.

    Downtown Doral Charter Elementary school

    A stack of books - like you might find in the best elementary schools in Miami.
    Education is important for your children.

    Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School is a tuition-free public charter school. It is, as the name suggests, located in the Downtown area of Doral, a city just 13 miles away from Downtown Miami. The school offers a dual language curriculum, which consists of Spanish or Portuguese language, while Math, Science and Social studies are taught in both English and the language the students choose. The school also boasts the latest technology in their brand new, state-of-the-art facility.

    Somerset Preparatory Academy

    Another charter school, Somerset Preparatory Academy has a clear goal – to provide a curriculum that engages, but is also rigorous and individualized. It is designed to suit the ever-changing need of the young learners. The school also puts importance on strengthening the bonds between the school, students’ families, and the community itself, and the values and influences they have on the students. The end game is to create in the students a life-long love of learning and make them self-assured, well-rounded and prepared for future success.

    Henry S. West Laboratory School

    A crowd of feet on the ground.
    Diversity is important in Miami.

    Henry S. West Laboratory School is an elementary school in Coral Gables and is a part of the University of Miami campus. It claims to be a pioneer of change in the teaching and learning process. The school trains teachers as a part of the professional development school program at the University of Miami. It also boasts a diverse student body, with 41% of students being Hispanic, 34% Caucasian, 22% Black, and 3% Asian/other. The mission of the school is to help their students achieve the maximum on both academic, social, as well as physical potentials, and be successful and productive members of a diverse society. Coral Gables is also one of the most popular destinations for those looking into Florida real estate.

    Archimedean Academy

    Archimedean Academy is another charter school in Miami, which offers both elementary as well as middle and upper conservatory levels for your children. It is unique in its mission to teach young learners about the art of thinking through Mathematics and the Greek Language. The vision of the school was based on the two branches of 3,000-year-old Greek teachings. These are the teaching of literature and arts, and the art of mathematical thinking. Both of these are taught with the idea of connecting them to the modern constructs of technology and culture in mind.

    True North Classical Academy

    Another charter school with roots in the classical liberal arts education, True North Classical Academy offers a rich and rigorous curriculum in its Miami based campus. The school tries to empower students and unleash a thirst for knowledge in them. It also teaches skills necessary for scholarship, citizenship, and leadership of every individual. The campus itself spams five acres and encompasses three school buildings. You can also find open space and playgrounds here, which are perfect for outdoor sports and activities.

    Calusa Elementary School

    Calusa Elementary School, which you can find in Miami, claims to be “a step ahead” of other best elementary schools in Miami. They focus on making students into a sensitive, aware and understanding of the cultural diversity. The goal is to bring the students to their highest potential. They also focus on mutual understanding and respect between the students and teachers, as well as the parents. They put importance on cultural heritage and student background, but also the immersion in the community (which make it great if you are relocating to Florida from a different state). It also tries to offer not only a great education but to serve as a center for community activities as well.

    Southside Elementary School

    The Southside Elementary School is a historic school in Brickell, in Downtown Miami. In 1989, it was added to the United States National Register of Historic Places. If you like a taste of history with your elementary school, then this is the place for your children. The school is the first school in the Miami-Dade County. Its partners are the Miami Science Museum as well as the Lowe Art Museum. Your children will also have an easy access to it – Miami Metrorail has a Brickell Station. They can also take the Metromover.

    Why picking the best elementary schools in Miami is important

    Letter blocks spelling LEARN.
    Learning is not all your children do at school.

    There are many reasons why you need to make your pick of the best elementary schools in Miami. The first thing is obvious. Just like you needed top-class movers in Miami for your move, so do your children need only the best Miami can offer when it comes to the school district. But learning new things is not where an education stops. You will want a school that will take care of your children. A safe environment where they can make new friends and great memories for life. Elementary schools are the first step in a long journey that awaits your children. You will want to ease them into it by picking only the best schools there are.

    Finally, the best elementary schools in Miami don’t focus only on academics. Their goals are to also make your child a better person. After finishing the school, a child should grow up to be a responsible individual. Someone who works well with other people, and is at ease with social interactions. Pay close attention to the school you are picking, and have lengthy chats with administrators. The children are the future, and you are creating the future – today.

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