5 Best Neighborhoods for Singles in Miami

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    Are you single or a young professional looking to make a move to Miami? Then you are lucky! Miami is a great place for living and working. With stunning ocean views, charming architecture, and amazing cuisine, you will find yourself falling in love with the capital of the Sunshine State. And before you decide to hire reliable South Florida movers and relocate here are the 5 best neighborhoods for singles in Miami that will hopefully further your interest even more.

    How to decide and where to begin looking for the best neighborhoods for singles in Miami?

    All good searches should begin with a good plan and that is something you shouldn’t ignore. When looking for your ideal place a couple of factors must be included especially if you know exactly what you are looking for. Before you hire local movers Miami it is good to know that you made the right decision. Florida is famous for its breathtaking locations and knowing that you will come face to face with many options. As long as your priorities are straight. For you, we chose places where single people love to live, work, and spend their time:

    1. Coconut Grove
    2. Coral Gables
    3. Brickell
    4. South Beach
    5. Little Havana
    palm trees and sunset
    With Miami’s wonderful weather you will get plenty of sunny and hot days

    1. Coconut Grove

    Even though it may be the oldest neighborhood in Miami, it still offers a great place for laid-back city living. There is something for everyone to see here – the neighborhood has access to nearby beaches, bike paths, shops, cafes, art galleries, and bookstores. The Grove also has several outdoor festivals and events, the most prominent being Coconut Grove Arts Festival, as well as King Mango Strut, Goombay Festival, and a Food and Wine Festival. It is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami.

    If you like nightlife, you’ll find yourself at home here. The neighborhood has a variety of restaurants and cafes, and by night it becomes a hotspot for locals and students from nearby universities.  The Village Center is home to several local gyms, schools, cinemas, shopping sites, historical sites, and several condos and residential towers. Shopping is also abundant here, with 2 malls and various shops and boutiques around the place. Also, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is one of the places to visit after moving to Miami. The Metrobus runs through the area, and there are 3 Miami Metrorail stops here as well. It is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami.

    big city lights
    There is nothing better than living in your special place but still being close to Miami and the city rush

    Cost of living and lifestyle

    You probably know by now that Florida is famous for being above average when it comes to prices and living costs. Coconut Grove is no different but on the other hand, this neighborhood offers something else in return. Finding a job here will result in a good income, no matter what profession you are interested in. The majority of people who moved from other cities in Florida claim to have a much better lifestyle here due to balanced prices and salaries. Coconut Grove has job positions in tourism, medicine, education, and construction. If we don’t count Miami, Florida residents who will most likely end up here come from Fort Lauderdale. And when they end up hiring movers Fort Lauderdale to come here they do it mostly for work.

    2. Coral Gables

    Home to the University of Miami, Coral Gables is one of the best neighborhoods for singles in Miami. It has been dubbed “the City Beautiful” for a reason – early city planners designed the city with the natural environment in mind – so it is really easy to find green space for outdoor activities. It also has amazing palm-tree-lined trees and gorgeous Mediterranean architecture. Be sure to also visit the historic Venetian Pool.

    sculpture in the museum
    Coral Gables is not only one of the best neighborhoods for singles in Miami but it is also a place for all art lovers

    Coral Gables is a neighborhood to be in for art lovers. It has the highest concentration of arts and culture destinations in Miami. Furthermore, several festivals take place throughout the year, like the Festival of Art, Carnival on the Mile, Festival Miami, and Junior Orange Bowl Festival.

    If you like walking – then rejoice! Coral Gables is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. If walking isn’t your choice – the neighborhood offers a free trolley service that runs a continuous circuit up and down Ponce de Leon Boulevard. Metrobus serves the area, and Metrorail makes 2 stops. 

    How often do singles move to Coral Gables?

    Since statistics play a huge role when choosing important things like these, it is good to know some about Coral Gables. If you wonder how often singles move to Coral Gables, you will be surprised by the answer. Only in 2019. more than 7.4% of people who moved to Miami went straight here. More than half were actually singles looking for a nice place to settle in, due to their new job offer. Movers Coral Gables also receives requests from families so expect your new neighborhood to be filled with different people.

    3. Brickell

    If you prefer something close to Downtown Miami then Brickell is a neighborhood for you. The “Wall Street South,” as it’s often called, is an energetic place filled with job opportunities for young professionals. With a 2010 population of about 31,000 people, Brickell is Miami’s fastest-growing and most dense neighborhood. The area is one of the largest financial districts in the United States and is home to fantastic luxurious high-rise apartment buildings. Furthermore, it also boasts breathtaking ocean views and amazing nightlife.

    Since Brickell lies on the ocean, a lot of activities are on the water. You can enjoy a sunset cruise, or go jet skiing and paddle boating if you’re feeling adventurous. Also, go up to the Alfa Gallery and enjoy the artwork of up-and-coming artists, as well as the 280-degree view of the bay.

    red ferrel wheel
    In Brickell enjoy cool restaurants and countless attractions

    With a couple of shopping centers and hundreds of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, city dwellers will be content. For those who love mystery, Miami Circle is an archeological site with ties to the Native Americans of Florida. Finally, if you somehow still crave more, hop on Metromover and head to nearby Downtown Miami. Metromover is a train system that supplements Metrorail, with a station every two blocks in Brickell, while Metrorail itself stops in the neighborhood as well. In conclusion, for those who work hard and play hard Brickell is a place to be in!

    Why is Brickell one of the best neighborhoods for singles in Miami?

    If you take a look at all things to see and do in Brickell, it seems like this place is suitable for everyone. For those who live in some other cities in Florida, it will be the next best thing and so close to Miami. Movers Boynton Beach can assist you with getting there if you are in the area. This will leave you plenty of time to take a walk and get to know your new home. Then you will see wonderful and friendly people ready to help you blend in quickly. You will even have more fun living here if you are not from Florida at all.

    4. South Beach

    How can anyone talk about the best neighborhoods for singles in Miami and not mention South Beach? Only steps away from the ocean, the SoBe is teeming with nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques, and hotels. In addition to dynamic city life, many festivals are happening in the neighborhood as well. For art lovers, there is Art Basel Miami in December. Miami Fashion Week and Miami International Film Festival are both taking place in March. Music lovers might enjoy Winter Music Conference, Urban Beach Week, or the annual White Party.

    There are also several parks and museums here as well, so residents have an eventful living even during winter months. Finally, the transportation is as busy as it is in Brickell and Downtown Miami. While the neighborhood has no direct Metrorail connections, various Metrobus lines connect it to the Downtown area.

    a group of people looking at laptop
    An amazing community is waiting for you in South Beach

    Should you use your vehicle or not in South Beach?

    You may wonder now, should you even use your vehicle after moving here? First, try out public transportation. Not only you will avoid being stuck in traffic but you will also get to know the place better. By commuting every day in South Beach or doing some other important work, you will see all locations and places you may like. After a while, when you feel ready to try out your driving skills here, it will be much easier. Don’t worry about busy traffic getting in the spot of your relocation deadline. If you are not from Miami, movers Coral Springs FL will make sure you arrive on time.

    5. Little Havana

    Now, on our list of best neighborhoods for singles and young professionals is the unique Little Havana. When Fidel Castro rose to power in 1959, thousands of Cubans fled to Miami, and many of them are to thank for leaving their cultural legacy in the neighborhood. 

    Little Havana is often considered the center of social, cultural, and political activity in Miami. The Calle Ocho Festival, Cultural Fridays, and the Three Kings Parade have been televised and are known worldwide. But there are also some smaller places to visit. Stroll down the streets and eat like a local after moving to Miami by discovering your favorite cafes and restaurant.

    woman drinking coffee and typing on her computer
    Each one of these neighborhoods is perfect for freelancers and young professionals

    As for activities, Viernes Culturales (Cultural Fridays) takes place every last Friday of the month in the very heart of Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street). The event consists of musical performances, art exhibits along the sidewalks, cuisine tasting, and more. On the other hand, Calle Ocho Festival is the perfect place to get to know other cultures living in the neighborhood. Embroidered with Caribbean Carnival feed, the festival is where different ethnic communities wear colors and flags representing the pride of their heritage. There is also plenty of food and music to go with it.

    Best neighborhoods for singles in Miami- honorable mentions

    The list of course doesn’t end here, and the more you explore Miami, the more you will come across them. The entire state of Florida is perfect for singles, as there are new and different things on every corner and your life really can change overnight. Miami has many neighborhoods and some of them are more suitable for families, veterans, and people who wish to retire. This again can be good if you are single and be a wonderful opportunity to change some things in your life. Just to help you out a little bit more and expand your options, you can also check out places like:

    • Little Haiti
    • Wynwood
    • Edgewater
    • Miami Downtown

    Things to avoid when looking for the best neighborhoods for singles in Miami

    Every relocation means that you are taking your things and moving to another place. Nevertheless, every relocation is completely different and your wishes and needs matter a lot. Make sure not to ignore them as they can cause some issues later. If you live in cities that are close to Miami, this will make your search much easier. Movers Coconut Creek FL, for example, carry out dozens of relocations to Miami per week so there is nothing you should worry about, regarding your inventory. Focus on finding your perfect place and embrace everything it has to offer. Hopefully, this article informed you about some of the best neighborhoods for singles in Miami. Continue your search and schedule your relocation once you feel completely ready for it.

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