Affordable piano movers in South Florida

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    Affordable piano movers in South Florida

    We know that piano is for all people one of the most valuable possessions. Moving a piano can be a single-item job or can be a part of moving your whole South Florida house. Whatever the reason you need to relocate your piano, we know that is a stressful task for you. That’s why you need to consider hiring affordable piano movers in South Florida.

    If you want to move your piano across town or country, it is just important to have safe hands and professional help. You ask: can I safely move my piano or should I hire piano moving specialists for the job? This time, we will give you tips why should you hire professional help and how can you find affordable piano movers in South Florida.

    Hiring South Florida movers for South Florida moving means you can be sure that your piano is handled with the utmost care. With right help relocating your piano will be quick, safely and efficiently. It is not a task that you could do yourself. You really need to be professional for this job if you want to avoid piano damages.

    Large piano on a blue background to demonstrate why you should hire affordable piano movers in South Florida
    With professional help, piano moving can be less stressful

    Reasons not to DIY and hire professionals in piano moving

    Hiring affordable piano movers in South Florida is a better choice for your piano moving for several reasons. As you know, moving is a very stressful task. Imagine how hard can be when you need to relocate a piano.  It can be much easier when you have professional help with specialized equipment. Professional movers in Florida, experts in this field know how to protect and safely move this delicate instrument.

    You need to know if you decide to DIY, it means you can make many mistakes that will cost you more than hiring reliable moving company in South Florida. Imagine that you damage your antique and very expensive piano during your relocation. That’s why you should consider using Florida moving services for a stress-free move, because with movers help your piano will be insured so you don’t need to worry.

    Many piano owners don’t know the moving process for piano. They don’t know how to do it safely. Also, many regular household movers don’t know how to do it. In case they are not trained in the techniques of moving a piano without damaging it. So, if you want to avoid all these problems, you should know how to hire affordable piano movers in South Florida.

    Of course, there is always a risk in moving a piano, but professional movers can reduce the risk.

    The moving process: How professionals move your piano?

    Empty apartment with only the piano left to consider hiring reliable moving company in South Florida for piano relocation
    Professional movers in South Florida can reduce the risk during piano moving

    If you are moving locally in Florida, do not be tempted to move your piano yourself. Because, no matter where are you moving, you need a right equipment for this job. And you probably don’t have it. It is a must to have a furniture dolly and straps. Also, you need to have more than one person to load the piano onto the dolly and transport it. For example, very large pianos request at least six movers to do the job. The most important thing is that you movers are trained for moving a piano in South Florida, so they have the knowledge and right tools to do it. They carry specific tools and moving pads, piano skids, slings, and ramps. They know what is necessary when you relocate your piano. For example, professionals know that padding and blankets are the best way to cushion the piano during the ride to its new location. Also, it is important to lock and wrap the keyboard if you want to prevent damages on the keys. So, experts in moving a piano in South Florida know everything that is important to move your piano safely.

    But, remember, the piano will need to be tuned again after the move. No matter how movers cushion the instrument, it is very delicate and no one can prevent minor shocks that will disrupt its tuning.

    Looking for a safe place to store your piano?

    If you are looking for a safe place to store your piano it is important to find climate controlled piano storage.

    You can store your piano just for one day or you can store it as long as you want.  With affordable storage South Florida, you can store your precious instrument in a safe place. Think about this option when you are moving and you don’t have enough space in your new home for your piano. So, when you decide to move your piano with affordable piano movers in South Florida, ask them for storing option if you need it.

    The cost of moving a piano

    Avoid damages during piano moving by having your piano packed and secured with blankets and tape.
    When you are moving or storing your piano, experts know how to protect it

    Piano movers usually make a price based on the distance of the move and the difficulty level. It means that is important destination and availability of space where the piano is transferred. So, movers will give you a fairly accurate estimate before moving. For example, if you want to move locally small piano the cost will be lower. But, if you want to move long distance a large piano, the cost will be much more.

    The price for moving across the town a small piano can cost you just $100, but if the destination has the stairs it can cost you around $250. In case that you need to relocate a valuable concert grand piano, it can cost you around $1,000.

    What should you know before hiring affordable piano movers in South Florida?

    We know that your piano is precious. And you need to be sure that it is in good and safe hands.  That’s why you need to know how to find and pick the best affordable piano movers in South Florida.  You need to know what to ask, and what to demand.

    • Insurance

    Before you hire movers for piano moving in South Florida, you need to be sure that they have insurance. Make sure that your movers have sufficient insurance that covers damages. Discuss insurance before you hire them.

    Ask your movers to see a bill of lading before the move. In this way, you will see what is insured.

    • Questions to Ask

    It is important that you ask your piano movers all the questions you have before they move your piano.

    • Information to Provide

    You as a piano owner should provide all the information your piano movers need. Professional piano movers will need to know the type and size of the piano. Also, they need to know all about the delivering location, including stairs, door sizes, etc. Remember, more information you give them, they will more safely move your piano.

    So, forget about DIY, hire affordable piano movers in South Florida. It is the best decision you can make when you need to transfer your valuable piano. It can cost you less and can protect your piano and you from stress.

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