A comprehensive interstate moving checklist

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    Every relocation is a project with many moving parts. Even if you move across the street, you’ll need to have a good plan of action for an untroubled transfer. But, moving to a different state requires a whole new level of organizational skills. Venturing into the unknown along with everything you possess is everything but simple. You have to research dependable South Florida movers, figure out the costs of your move, and get accustomed to the social transition you’re about to experience. Without a doubt, an effective interstate moving checklist will make things a lot easier. Therefore, our moving specialists at Orange Movers will share their best tips, to give you the lead on how to create yours, and pull your relocation to a different state with ease. So, take note, and benefit from our expert guidance, for a swift and untroubled interstate move.

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    An effective interstate moving checklist is essential for a successful relocation to a different state

    A comprehensive interstate moving checklist for your seamless relocation

    Interstate moves involve great distances. This means that you have very little space for making mistakes and forgetting things because going back to pick them up isn’t something you can count on. Therefore, start composing your out-of-state relocation checklist well ahead of time. A good way to begin with this process is to learn as much as you can about interstate moving.

    No matter the distance of your move, if you’re crossing state lines, this is considered to be an interstate move. This type of moving falls under the regulations of federal law, and they tend to be more costly than local moves. Therefore, calculating your moving budget should be among the first things you should tick off your interstate relocation checklist. Further, here are all the essential steps you should consider handling, in order to make your transfer as easy as it can be.

    • Declutter and downsize your possessions
    • Research reliable moving companies
    • Start packing
    • Sort out admin
    • Arrange child or/and pet care
    • Pack an essentials bag

    Downsizing your possessions when moving interstate will help you minimize moving costs

    As a rule of thumb, local moves are priced on an hourly basis. However, when moving out of state you need to consider that the total cost of your move will depend on the millage involved, as well as the weight of your shipment. Therefore, make a point to cut the load as much as you can to maximize the cost efficiency of your relocation to a different state.

    So, make it part of your out-of-state moving checklist to research storage services in South Florida. With a convenient safekeeping solution on hand, you’ll be able to sort out your possessions much easier. Make a point to declutter your current home and get rid of any items that you don’t use or need. This is to avoid paying unnecessary fees for transporting staff that you can easily go without. Besides, it’s best to start a new chapter in your new place free of clutter. And, with this very step, you should kickstart the enactment of your interstate moving flowchart, which will ensure your streamlined and economical relocation.

    A couple calculating their moving budget
    Determine your moving budget early on, and lighten the load to cut moving costs when moving across state lines

    Hire a dependable interstate moving company in South Florida

    Researching and finding a trustworthy moving company is a crucial step of your interstate moving checklist. Hence, start requesting free moving estimates from premier interstate moving companies South Florida as soon as you know you’ll be moving. Allow yourself time to spare on this point, as hiring a mover that will accommodate your moving requirements is vital for the success of your relocation.

    Of course, you should avoid partnering with a mover based solely on the low rates they offer. In fact, this might be an indicator of poor workmanship in the best case and a scam alert in a far more serious scenario. So, part of your out-of-state moving guidelines should be the vetting process of a mover you intend to hire. Check their background, make closer inquiries about the moving services they offer and get a taste of the customer service and support they offer. Follow your guts instinct, and once you’ve found a moving company you feel comfortable communicating with, lock out the date for your interstate move. With this, you’ll tick off one of the most important points that any checklist for interstate relocation should entail.

    Include an effective packing system in your interstate moving checklist

    Moving across state lines more often than not involves rather great distances. Case in point, you’ll need to get the packing part right, in order to protect your items on their journey to your new place. It’s best to consider adding professional South Florida packing services to your moving package. Despite the common belief that this drives the overall costs of your move up, it’s actually an affordable way to render the optimal safety to your items during the moving process.

    Anyway, if you decide to go the DIY packing route, ensure you get a supply of quality packing materials. Sturdy cardboard boxes and ample cushioning materials are the way to go when it comes to avoiding costly damages during transfer. And yet again, the techniques that expert packers utilize to prepare your stuff for relocation is your best bet to ensure safety, and peace of mind. So, if you can, add pro packing services to your checklist for your interstate moving project.

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    Research dependable movers in South Florida with time to spare, and add effective packing services to your moving package for safe and easy transfer of your possessions

    Rather deal with the admin tasks sooner than later

    You’re probably aware that with each move you need to announce the change of your address. So, give yourself at least two weeks before the move to sort this out. You’ll need to cancel utilities, transfer your bank account and update your insurance policy. Along with your out-of-state moving checklist, create a timeline that fits your schedule. This way you’ll ensure you’ll get done everything on time, and with no rush.

    Make arrangements for your children and pets before moving day arrives

    The moving day tends to be hectic. So, if you have children or pets, figure how to keep them busy and out of harm’s way. For the kids, you can arrange a daycare, or ask friends and relatives to spend the day with them. Similarly, ask your close ones if they can look after your pet while your movers are handling your household and loading it on the moving truck. Giving this a thought in advance and adding it to your interstate relocation flowchart will make it a lot easier on yourself.

    A practical point to add to your interstate moving checklist – pack an essentials box

    And last but not least, don’t forget to prepare a bag of essentials. In fact, this is the first package you should design when packing is in question. An essentials box or bag should contain everything you can’t afford to go a day without. This can be medicine, essential toiletries, etc. Mark it down on your interstate relocation checklist to designate a special folder for important documents as well. So, place your passport, birth certificate, and the like in your essential bag as well. Make a point to be well-organized and write down all important things you shouldn’t misplace. And with this, you’ll secure yourself with a smooth flow and optimal comfort during your move to a different state.

    In summary, follow our guidelines above and make your foolproof interstate moving checklist. Take notes, and you’re sure to simplify your transfer and do your part in creating a seamless moving experience.


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