7 Important Moving Tasks You Don’t Want to Forget

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    7 Important Moving Tasks You Don’t Want to Forget

    If you’re currently in the midst of a move, there’s a good chance you’ve got quite the to-do list to work on. But, while you’re tackling those major tasks like packing boxes and hiring a moving service, don’t forget the smaller details that are equally important to ensuring your move goes smoothly. Here’s a quick list of must-dos you’ll want to remember.

    1. Transfer your utilities. Eliminate the risk of service interruptions by getting in touch with your water, electricity, gas, cable, and Internet providers to let them know when and where you’ll be moving to, and setting up any necessary installation appointments at your new home.
    2. Submit a change of address. Make sure your mail still finds its way into your hands. Submitting a change of address form is an easy detail to forget during a move, but luckily also incredibly easy to do online at USPS.com.
    3. Notify insurance company, bank, and credit cards. Besides alerting the post office, you’ll also want to make sure your notify any major service providers like your bank, insurance company, and credit card companies to a change in your billing address.
    4. Get a babysitter. If you have young children, it’s a wise idea to secure child care for the day of the move, at least during the time movers will be at your home. It’ll give you peace of mind, allow you to focus on getting packed, and keep your kids safely out of the way of heavy boxes, broken down furniture, and moving trucks.
    5. Tour your new neighborhood. If you’re moving out of state, or even to a new town, it’s a good idea to find the essential services and businesses you’ll use on a regular basis. Finding the nearest grocery store, doctor’s office, and coffee shop before you move into your new home will make settling in easier and more comfortable.
    6. Schedule your move with your new building. If you’re moving into a multi-unit building, be sure to check in with the management company before you show up at the door with a truck full of boxes. Many apartment and condo buildings have set hours, elevator use policies, and rules in place when it comes to moving in.
    7. Download helpful apps. From renting a new apartment to remembering what you packed in each box, there are dozens of helpful apps out there that can make your move easier. Here’s a quick list of some of the most helpful apps for moving.

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