6 Tips for Interstate Moving

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    6 Tips for Interstate Moving

    1. Organize Your Move

    There is nothing worse than moving without planning ahead, as you make things difficult for yourself when you encounter problems that you have not thought of. Take your time to organize your move.

    2. Ask Your Movers the Right Questions

    Apart from asking your mover how long they have been in business, and if they are licensed, bonded and insured, here are some other important questions that you must ask:

    • How do you determine cost? Do you charge by the hour or by volume?
    • Is this a binding estimate? (If the estimate is non-binding, you may end up with extra fees)
    • Are you moving brokers? (Brokers charge their fees on top of the move fees so clients end up paying more)

    3. Prepare to Pack the Car

    There are many things (especially valuables) that you might want to take with you personally, and all of it will be packed in your car. Remove any and all clutter in your car to make room for the extra packages.

    4. Ensure That Everything is Move-In Ready

    Because you are moving inter-state, you won’t be able to “drop by” a day before to check on the utilities. Have your mover transfer your utilities beforehand so that you can relax when you reach your new home.

    5. Exchange Contact Info with Your Mover

    Moving long distances is no easy feat. It requires even more coordination than a short distance move would. In the event that something goes wrong en route, you’ll want to make sure that you have your mover’s cell phone number handy.

    6. Set Aside an Emergency Bag

    When you’re moving long distance, you may not have the luxury of packing up the back of the station wagon. Set aside an emergency bag with the essentials in the event that your stuff takes longer than expected to be delivered.

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