5 Ways to downsize your kitchen and declutter

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    Whether you are moving to a smaller apartment or just reorganizing your space, finding ways to downsize your kitchen and declutter might seem like a challenge. I find it very difficult to work in the kitchen I have. It is too small, and it has too many items inside. Whenever I am cooking a meal, I have to turn ten times to look for what I need. Also, you have to be a real artist to work with what little space you have. With that in mind, I took it upon myself to find ways to organize my kitchen in the best possible way.

    Today I wish to share these ideas and ways to downsize your kitchen and declutter. Prepare a pen and paper and take notes. However, stay open-minded. If you have some of your ideas, be free to use them.

    After the move

    Hiring Florida moving services for a stress free move was a smart idea. Still, if you just finished your relocation, thinking about ways to downsize your kitchen and declutter might be a step too much. You probably wish to relax a bit before you start organizing and cleaning your new home. Nevertheless, have it in the back of your mind that you have to reorganize your kitchen.

    a spacious, neatly organized kitchen
    Having a spacious kitchen is not always possible, you have to learn to work in a small space

    For example, do not unpack everything and move it in the kitchen immediately. You will find out later you don’t need all of the stuff, so you’ll have to throw a lot out. First, make a solid plan. Once you have an idea of what you have to do, you can slowly unpack step by step. Let’s look at all the steps needed to downsize your kitchen and declutter:

    • reorganize single-use appliances
    • create an essential list of kitchenware
    • clean out your pantry and your fridge
    • get rid of “doubles”
    • keep only the best kitchen utensils

    Reorganize single-use appliances

    Buying kitchen appliances can quickly spin out of control. If you are not careful, soon you’ll have stuff like pizza scissors, strawberry huller, avocado slicer, or a meat shredder claws. These single-use items will only make a mess in your kitchen and a hole in your wallet. Ask yourself, do you really need all of that stuff?

    Having special types of bowls, pans and appliances are pretty useful. There is so much you can do with a good knife and a solid pan. If you are using quesadilla maker or a deep fryer once a month, you don’t really need them. Think about what you need to keep, and you are one step closer to downsize your kitchen and declutter.

    If you are unsure about throwing away some of your appliances, you can always use storage Miami beach to keep them until you make a decision.

    kitchen utensils in a mug on the kitchen counter
    Essential kitchen utensils are a must, remove everything else

    Create an essential list of kitchenware

    Every kitchen has to have certain utensils. Forming a necessary list of kitchenware will help to downsize your kitchen and declutter. Once you know what you need, you know what to throw out. Here is what’s a must-have in every kitchen:

    • knifes
    • cutting boards
    • bowls and pans
    • measuring cups
    • colander
    • vegetable peeler
    • can opener
    • spoons, whisks, and tongs

    Again, I have to emphasize that using these utensils is your choice. You can always use a fork instead of tongs or use a knife instead of a vegetable peeler. However, have in mind that some of these items are meant to help you do something quickly. If you are peeling vegetables every day, it pays out to invest in a good peeler.

    Furthermore, you can also use one measuring cup instead of a set. The same applies to bowls and pans. A large, quality cast iron pan and two different sized bowls are more than enough for everything you need to do in the kitchen.

    A pantry in a home
    Check your pantry at least once per month, always keep it clean and organized

    Clean out your pantry and your fridge

    Pantry and refrigerator are perfect for storing expired product. I can’t tell you how many times I found something I bought a long time ago and didn’t use. Once you start clearing your fridge for moving out, you will see hidden products in the back, and you’ll begin wondering when did you buy those and why.

    Whether you will successfully downsize your kitchen and declutter or not mostly depends on this step. First, you need to throw away all expired products. Second, look at what groceries are soon to be expired. Use them right away if you can. If not, throw them away. Third, check all remaining products and sort them out into categories. Keep meets with meets, and separate vegetables and fruits.

    A smart idea is to create a list of all the products you currently have left in your pantry and your refrigerator. Have it in a visible place, so you always know what’s inside. This way you will avoid buying what you already have.

    Get rid of “doubles”

    If you check your kitchen, you will discover that you have tons of bowls, pans, and other utensils. Most of the times you end up using two or three tops. Why keep all these doubles that you don’t use? With that in mind, pick your favorites, and donate, sell or throw away everything else.

    Downsize Your Kitchen and Declutter - pots and pans on a table
    Multiple pots and pans only end up taking more space than necessary

    To downsize your kitchen and declutter, you must get rid of all utensils you don’t use. They are only gathering dust and precious space. Same goes for your china. You don’t need two 12-piece sets if you’re only going to use them once a year. If you don’t host people often, you don’t need that many plates. If you are already downsized into a smaller home, this is essential. Count how many people you have in your home, and make a decision what to keep based on that number.

    Keep only the best kitchen utensils

    To continue in the same spirit, keep only the best of what you have. Most of the times you will need a good knife for the meat, bread knife, frying pan, a pot or two and that’s it. This is not only the secret to how to successfully downsize your kitchen and declutter but also how to run a home kitchen properly. Make sure you have enough space, and only the essential kitchenware, and you can cook whatever you want!

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