5 Things Celebrities Should Look For In A Moving Company

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    5 Things Celebrities Should Look For In A Moving Company

    Moving is stressful enough when you’re a normal person – but celebrities have even more to deal with.

    Whether it’s paparazzi trying to sneak around your property and get some snaps of you moving your stuff, dealing with untrustworthy movers who are around valuable items, or simply the huge amount of stuff that most celebrities have in their homes, even local moving can be quite a stressful experience for a celebrity.

    The first step to having a smooth celebrity moving experience is hiring the right local moving company. So to help any celebrities in the Golden Beach area who are looking for celebrity moving services, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 things you should look for in a moving company.

    1. Full Service

    If you’re a celebrity, you’ve got more important things to do than spend all day wandering around your house and stuffing all of your possessions into boxes.

    Celebrity moves can be a hassle, and hiring a full-service moving company helps eliminate some of the headache.

    Instead of having to pack up all your stuff yourself, you can sit back and relax, as seasoned professional celebrity movers go through your stuff, pack it up, label it, and haul it away. You can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want – it’s up to you.

    When you hire a full-service moving company, finishing a big move is as easy as writing a check and relaxing – making it the best option for a moving celebrity.

    2. Discretion and Trustworthiness

    Discretion and trustworthiness are absolutely crucial when it comes to moving as a celebrity. Most celebrities have quite a few valuable items in their house – and even if they don’t, they probably wouldn’t like it if a nosy mover started poking around their stuff, or even snapping pictures to sell to media outlets.

    The best celebrity moving companies have staff members who are diligent, discreet, and trustworthy. They are there to perform a job, and they’ll do so – whether they’re moving Joe the Plumber, or Brad Pitt.

    3. Expertise With Valuables

    As many celebrities are very wealthy, quite a few have specialized collectibles, artworks, and other objects that are difficult to move, and present a huge loss in value if damaged.

    Celebrity moving companies should be experienced with extremely valuable items, and be able to move even awkwardly-shaped items like large painting and statues with the utmost care and precision.

    4. Fast, Flexible Service

    Nobody wants a move to drag on for days, and that’s especially true as a celebrity. Often, celebrities will have moving companies pack up all their stuff, get it ready, and then move out in the middle of the night, so that it’s harder for nosy neighbors, gossips, and paparazzi to see what’s going on.

    Because of this, it’s best to find a celebrity moving service that’s flexible, and is willing to work whatever schedule a particular celebrity may need. This is especially true of larger homes, which can often take quite a while to pack up – good celebrity moving services have a deep bench, and can deploy plenty of staff to speed up the packing process.

    Some celebrities even go to the length to disguise the true destination of their move and avoid having the paparazzi follow their moving truck by sending out decoy trucks – empty moving trucks that are sent to just drive around, and distract those who may be watching the moving process so that the real work can be done.

    5. Ability To Deal With The Paparazzi

    Most celebrities can’t really move in secret – someone will catch wind from gossip, or a local paper will run a story about their house being on the market, and so on. So while the arrival of paparazzi and others looking to make a quick buck with some pictures can be delayed, it’s somewhat inevitable.

    A celebrity moving company is probably going to have to interact with the paparazzi at some point, and the movers in question should know how to do so. Be polite, be firm, don’t answer any questions, and move on. Those people are doing their jobs – and the movers should do theirs.

    Find The Right Moving Company For All Your Celebrity Needs

    Orange Movers has operations in Golden Beach, FL – we’re no strangers to celebrities moving locally.

    Billionaires and celebrities like Bill Gates, Paul Newman, Ricky Martin, and others have moved to Golden Beach, and this upscale neighborhood has plenty of wealthy residents who depend on discretion, quality of service, and professionalism.

    So if you’re a celebrity looking for the best local movers in Golden Beach – or just looking for the celebrity treatment – get in touch with Orange Movers today, and learn more about our local moving services.

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