5 Best Miami Neighborhoods for Families

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    Are you thinking about moving to Miami with your family? Do you find the thought of moving with your kids stressful? Don’t worry! This guide will give you an overview of some of the best neighborhoods for families in the Miami-Dade County.

    While admiring the dawning violet painted skies over the palm trees, we picked 5 best Miami neighborhoods for families for you.
    This scenery is worth all the trouble.

    Our pick of 5 neighborhoods for families:

    1. Pinecrest
    2. South Beach
    3. Coral Gables
    4. Coconut Grove
    5. Bay Harbor Islands

    1. Pinecrest

    First on the Orange Movers list of best neighborhoods for families is an affluent suburban village south of Downtown Miami. According to South Florida Business Journal, in 2011 it made top ten places to live in Florida, so it’s perfect to raise a family at. The Village of Pinecrest was officially incorporated on March 12, 1996, even though its history spans to the early twentieth century. It now boasts a population of around 18,223 (by 2010’s census).

    The great thing about Pinecrest is its various public and private schools, and low crime rates. For example, the rate of crimes per year for every 100,000 people is 3,122, where Florida average is 3,576. Even more significant, its violent crime rate reported only 84 for every 100,000 people, compared to the state’s average of 470. Metrobus runs throughout the area and Miami Metrorail has 2 stations here.

    The not so great thing for some people is that the zip code that encompasses all of the village, 33156, is consistently ranked as one of the most expensive in the United States. Homes for sale have an average price per square foot of $272.

    2. South Beach

    South Beach, nicknamed SoBe, lies between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. It is a great neighborhood for pedestrians, with an added bonus of having a lower living cost due to most of its housing being condo buildings. As of 2010 census, 39,186 people lived in the neighborhood.

    South Beach is one of the best neighborhoods for families.
    South Beach, Miami.

    Central to the neighborhood is its beautiful and historic Art Deco district, filled with flashing neon lights and colorful buildings and hotels. The neighborhood also has an easy access to the mainland and Interstate 95, and an added bonus is that the beach is right around the corner. South Beach is great for new families, childless couples, and young professionals. If you are a fan of something quieter, North Beach is close nearby and might be an even better place for you. Homes sale with the average price per square foot of $226.

    3. Coral Gables

    On the south banks of Miami River, Coral Gables is the third pick on our list of best neighborhoods for families. The place was once a grapefruit plantation and now boasts of being one of the first ever planned communities. Around 49,631 people live here by 2013 population estimates.

    Coral Gables trolley
    Coral Gables is a charming little neighborhood for your family.

    The University of Miami is in the neighborhood, which is also one of the places where the Miami Metrorail stops, and Metrobus runs through the whole area. The City of Coral Gables also provides a free trolley service, that runs a full circuit up and down the Ponce de Leon Boulevard throughout the day. Another great thing about the neighborhood is that the Miami International Airport is merely four miles away.

    “The City Beautiful” (as they call Coral Gables) is a pedestrian-friendly destination. There are around 140 dining establishments and gourmet shops, and notable international retailers. Mostly multi-generational Miami families and deep-pocketed arrivals from Latin America populate this area.

    Residential areas have low property taxes and a protection from commercial intrusion, however, the house prizes vary. The neighborhood has some of the most expensive houses. Also look out for lower cost condos and smaller houses further away from the waterfront.

    4. Coconut Grove

    Fours on our list of the best neighborhoods for families is the Coconut Grove – the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood in Miami. The neighborhood lies west of the Biscayne Bay and east of Coral Gables and had a population of 20,076 people in 2010.

    Coconut Grove is a great place for families – its crime rate has plummeted to 60 percent lower than the rest of the city, and its crimes rate is lower than even the country’s average!

    The neighborhood is well-connected transportation wise – Metrobus serves the area throughout and it even has three Miami Metrorail stations. It is also fifteen minutes away from Miami Airport and ten minutes away from American Airlines Arena.

    In the 1960s it was a place to be in for hippies and drifters and has even these days kept the air of its freewheeling roots. It has various outdoor festivals and events, with the largest being the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. The marina at Dinner Key is central to the boating community, and “the Grove” also has various winding roads and biking paths.

    A great part of Coconut Grove is on the waterfront, so houses do tend to get pricey. Condo apartments cost less, but there are some top-of-the-line ones as well. The average price per square foot is around $505. The neighborhood has a broad mixture of young families, older couples, and singles.

    5. Bay Harbor Islands

    A town in Miami-Dade Country, Bay Harbor Islands is only twenty minutes away from Miami International Airport. The population was 5,628 at the 2010 census. The neighborhood has a number of highly ranked school, including Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center. Another perk is the crime index of 56.8, significantly lower than the national average of 263.1. The town shuttle also services the neighborhood. It is available for use to all the residents free of charge from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    It also has the largest collection of mid-century Miami Modern architecture dating as far as the 1940s and the 1950s. However, the East Islands made it to the annual “11 Most Endangered Historic Places” list of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, due to its up-and-coming developments.

    In addition to its architecture, Bay Harbor Islands have shops and boutiques, as well as two lush parks (south and north), tennis courts, and children’s playgrounds. Average house price per square foot is $257, while waterfront properties may be more expensive.

    Hopefully, this guide has helped you gain some inside into some of the best neighborhoods for families in Miami. Bear in mind that these are just some of the neighborhoods we have picked out and that there are more for you to discover! Good luck!

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