3 Helpful Tips for Out of State Moving

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    3 Helpful Tips for Out of State Moving

    Out of state moving can easily become one of the most stressful things you’ll ever go through. After all, you’re picking up your entire life and taking everything to a totally new place, which is hundreds or even thousands of miles away. You might be moving to a place with a totally different climate, a different regional culture, and different economic environment. Its hard to adjust once you get there, but the most stressful part is often the move itself.

    As professionals specializing in long-distance and out of state moving, we’ve helped countless South Miami residents successfully move their belongings across incredible distances. These three helpful tips can aid you in keeping your move as simple, stress-free, and disaster-proof as possible.

    Pack your items carefully for the long journey ahead.

    Before the moving company takes your things into the truck for the long-distance journey ahead, you’ll need to pack smaller items into cardboard boxes. Your everyday dishes, your fine china dinnerware, your children’s’ toys, your high-end gaming rig, those old antique objets d’art your late grandmother left you — all of it needs to get from point A to point B safely, and frankly, some of it is incredibly fragile.

    We always recommend that our customers pack everything in the boxes so that it’s cushioned against accidental impacts. Our staff is meticulously careful with the boxes themselves, but if fragile objects are rattling around inside, we might not be able to prevent them from getting damaged.

    Keep in mind that during the move, the boxes will be sideways, upside down, and otherwise positioned in several different ways. We recommend that you use bubble wrap and other cushioning materials, and keep things packed firmly inside the boxes so that they’re not rolling around inside. We also recommend using cardboard boxes and packaging materials that are specifically designed for moving.

    Insure your belongings

    As we’ve mentioned, we’re professionals. Out of state moving is a full-time job for us, and we don’t take the safety of your irreplaceable belongings lightly. With that said, accidents happen sometimes. Moving is a high-risk endeavor for your fragile objects, and 80% of movers don’t have a claim filed. While we always try to be as accommodating as we can if disaster strikes, Federal law actually limits our liability for damage to about sixty cents per pound. This is fine for some things, but what about your high-end gaming computer, or that tiny little antique china statuette that’s actually worth several thousand dollars? Some things are irreplaceable because they’re old or rare, or because their primary value is sentimental. But with that said, there are insurance options available that will help you get the right amount of reimbursement if something gets damaged while you’re moving out of state.

    Organize your belongings when you pack.

    Unpacking can be a hassle. You should keep items you’ll need upon arrival with you, like your driver’s license, new house keys, and changes of clothes. It’s a good idea to pack things in a way that’s organized and methodical, with clear labeling.

    At Orange Movers, we’re a South Miami moving company specializing in long distance and out of state moving. We’ve helped countless homeowners with out of state moving, keeping your belongings safe and giving you much-needed peace of mind during your stressful long-distance move. To find out more, call us any time at 786-453-4340.

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