10 Important Questions For Movers

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    A lot of people are afraid to be confrontational with their movers during the move. Maybe they don’t like making enemies, or they might be afraid that movers will be careless with their items. However, when the time for your move comes, it is only natural to talk to your Miami Movers. They are the people helping you with the move, so they are there to answer important questions for movers you might have. They will be taking your stuff across the state (or the country), so you will have to trust them, right? In this article, we give you some questions that you need to ask before and during the move.

    Important questions for movers about their license

    One of the most important questions for movers you can ask is whether or not they have the proper license. However, these may vary based on the length of your move. If you are moving within the state, then you should ask your movers about the state license they hold. Every state regulates these differently, as well as the complaints they might share. You need to do separate research to figure out how your state regulates these. On the other hand, if you are working with long distance Florida Movers, then they will be regulated by the United States Department of Transportation. In this case, you need to ask them about their U.S. DOT number.

    A document ready to be signed.
    Make sure the company has valid paperwork.

    Then, you can go to the FMCSA website and use the license number they gave you to check for complaints people might have. This is a great screening method. Using the license numbers, you can figure out how your company works. You can also figure out if they are the movers you can trust for your move.

    Ask the movers about the experience they have

    Of course, when moving, you want to have movers with the most experience. This is why two more important questions for movers are about the moves they have been doing. First, ask them about how long they are in business. This will give you an overview of the number of moves the company accomplished. However, keep in mind that even though a company that has been in business longer isn’t necessarily the best fit for you. There might be better, cheap movers Miami waiting for you. You just need to inquire further.

    A meter.
    The length of the move matters when picking the moving company.

    Then, ask about the types of moves the company did. We already talked a little about this. If you are moving locally, then you will want local movers. They know the area the best and will be able to figure out the way around traffic. Also, they might know what the best time for the move is, as well as other helpful tips. On the other hand, you don’t want local movers handling long distance moves.

    Ask the company about references

    Another one of the important questions for movers is whether they have references. These are the people who will talk about their moving experience with you. Ask for their contact information – like the telephone number. You should not go for e-mail, no matter how busy you are. These are easy to fake, and you can be tricked by fraudulent movers. Instead, you will want to call the references and have a chat with them about their experience.

    A phone - to call the references, and ask important questions for movers.
    Call the references to talk about the moving companies.

    There are a lot of questions you will want to ask the references. Keep in mind that they should go into detail. This will give you a great overview of how honest the references, and the moving company itself, are. So, ask them about everything you might be curious about.

    • Ask them how long the move took.
    • What they liked and what they didn’t enjoy.
    • If they could change something, what it would be.

    Questions like these will give you a pretty clear picture of what you can expect when working with the moving company you are screening.

    What type of estimate can the movers give you

    After you have gone through the references, it’s time to ask about the estimates the movers will give you. Ask them if they give binding estimates. What that means is that local Miami Movers can’t charge you more than what they estimated. You will pay the number on the contract – and nothing more. There will not be any hidden costs or charges for you.

    A piggy bank to save money.
    The estimates can save you a lot of money.

    However, a lot of movers will only give non-binding estimates. In this case, ask them if they will give you a not-to-exceed estimate. When they do this, they will give you a number they will not exceed. However, your move might end sooner than you thought. Then, you will be playing your movers less money than you originally thought. Still, by asking these two questions, you will be aware how much you will owe your movers at the end of the move.

    Other important questions for movers

    There are many other important questions for movers that you need to ask. For example, you should ask them about storage Miami Beach they have to offer. Sometimes, during longer moves, your things might need to end up in a storage unit. So, if your moving company owns it, it will be easier for you to monitor, and later – move – your stuff.

    Then, you can ask the movers about whether or not they offer packing services. If they do, inquire about the packing supplies they have. Professional movers usually have great packing supplies. These will ensure your items are safe while transport. The movers will have sturdy boxes as well as good padding supplies. In the end, with asking important questions for movers, you can both save your money and shorten your move.

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