10 Best South Florida Neighborhoods To Live In

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    Looking for best South Florida neighborhoods to live in? South Florida is a leader in this area! Besides beautiful weather and beaches, there are a lot of job opportunities for young entrepreneurs. There are also many great schools and activities to do if you want to retire. If you want to settle down with your family, South Florida is also a great option. Median home value in South Florida is $211,200, against a national average of $201,900. This means homes are affordable here. If you want to know how to prepare for moving to South Florida, start with choosing the best neighborhood to live in! Don’t just believe in some random recommendations, consider your style and wishes. Are you going to relocate for job opportunities? Do you want to retire in South Florida?

    best South Florida neighborhoods have beaches too!
    If you want to live happily in South Florida, choose Naples! Gallup-Healthways named it the Happiest and Healthiest City in 2017!

    Miami Beach 

    Number one on our list of best South Florida neighborhoods, goes to famous Miami Beach. Miami Beach is the most popular city in South Florida, and 6th best in the United States according to research by Livability.com. Although people usually consider it not so affordable, the median rent here is $1,198. The nightlife and outgoing activities are the best in this place, so endless fun is guaranteed. But, if you want to start a family here, maybe this is not a good idea. Miami Beach is a popular touristic place and it’s often overcrowded with people. If you don’t like crowds, you better don’t move here. Still, if you can deal with crowds, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, amazing architecture and diverse culture. Looking forward to relocating to Miami? Check moving companies in South Florida and ease your relocation process!

    Brickell: The “Manhattan of South Miami”

    If you’re looking for best South Florida neighborhoods for entrepreneurs and employees, you should move to Brickell. Brickell is known as the „Manhattan of South Miami“ from its tall buildings and urban lifestyle. For those who are not tired of urban lifestyle, Brickell is the best option. With a median rent of $1,900, low crime and safety rate and amazing nightlife, no wonder this is a very popular neighborhood among younger people. Although monthly rent is pricey, this place offers amazing and high paid jobs. Brickell is alsoSouth Florida‘s major financial district. Besides, Brickell is one of Miami’s fastest-growing neighborhood And you will be surprised how many educated people live there. Almost 75% of residents older than 25 holds at least a bachelors level degree with 34% holding an advanced degree 


    Looking for best South Florida neighborhoods for starting a family at a more peaceful place? Consider moving to Weston. Weston is a small city in Broward County where the median rent is $1,933, but with really high opportunities for families. This neighborhood is quiet and safe, which explains why it has one of the highest percentages of families among communities in Florida. Weston is also a very clean area, with beautiful scenery, amazing for those who like strolling and bike riding. Raising kids there is often, due to the best schools where almost each of them has an impressive 9 on GreatSchools.

    Best South Florida Neighborhoods –  Tampa 

    Tampa is one of the best South Florida neighborhoods. This city with over 355,600 residents is generally considered ideal for families. With the presence of great schools, affordable healthcare and a growing number of Fortune 1000 companies, it’s not strange that many and many families are relocating there. Median rent is also affordable and it goes around for $960. Tampa has amazing 185 parks and outgoing activities you can explore with your family. Perhaps you are in need of retirement cities, here are the top 7 places to retire in Florida.

    long sandy beach
    Tampa represents one of the best South Florida neighborhoods, known as a particularly safe area, ideally for raising kids.

    Cooper City

    Cooper City is among the best South Florida neighborhoods, where you can enjoy a peaceful life with your family. If you are not a fan of crowds, noisy environment, and rich nightlife, Cooper City is the best place for you. Median rent is $1,768, and it’s highly popular among families with children. The statistics show that over half of the households in the area are made up of families with children

    Palm Beach Gardens 

    Ever thought of living in a paradise? Residents who live in Palm Beach Gardens consider it a paradise. Besides amazing scenery, various restaurants and bars, pure fun and entertainment, this place will make you fall in love with its spirit and lifestyle. Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood is one of the friendliest in South Florida. It can be perfect for raising a family, but also for singles looking for an exciting and friendly place to relocate. So, if you need more fun in your life, and you want to live among beautiful nature, choose this neighborhood!

    Coconut Grove 

    Coconut Grove is a leader in best South Florida neighborhoods for having both peaceful life and rich nightlife! This neighborhood offers a lot of convenience to the residents living in the community where the median rent is $1,301. With the best public schools in Florida, high households with families and rich nightlife, this is a great place for both families and singles. This tropical area offers diverse culture and amazing activities as it’s close to the water. And when in doubt about moving location, here is some comparison between North Florida vs South Florida.

    seagulls flying
    Prepare for a lot of sunny days!


    Naples is a small neighborhood, but one of the best places in Florida for 2019 that shows strong unemployment rate. This place is known for it’s a beautiful and clean environment, where you can rent a home for $1,100, which is highly affordable for living in Florida. The crime rate is low, and it is known as a pedestrian-friendly downtown area. Having an outstanding school system, Naples shows a high graduation rate.


    Another great neighborhood in South Florida for living with family is Jupiter. This city is considered the cleanest where air quality is high, and the community invests in living green. It’s very popular among families, and the median rent is around $1,430. Families love Jupiter because the crime rate is low and there is a great public school system that ranks 9/10 on GreatSchools. Families there love to enjoy nature, go for a boat ride, explore parks and events made by the community. 

    Best South Florida Neighborhoods – Coral Gables

    Coral Gables possesses all A grades when it comes to the crime rate, healthcare, education, activities and living with family. This sounds like a perfect place to live with family, and the average rent is $1,412. As the school system here is one of the best in the nation and crime is almost non-existent, it’s not strange that more and more people consider moving to Coral Gables. Architecture and homes are a mix of a modern and traditional look, where most of the population is Hispanic.  

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