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Pompano Beach

You Worry About What Goes in the Beach Bag

And We Will Worry About the Rest
Pompano Beach has become a hot spot on the Atlantic coast for its smooth ocean beach line and quiet secluded streets. Orange Movers makes your move here easy, by providing full service moving at a low price. Let us pack up and move all of your belongings, while you worry about when to hit the beach. Our job is to make your moving, stress free, and we have a solid reputation for being fantastic at it.

Moving In/From Pompano Beach?

Let Us Show You Just How Affordable

Full Service Moving in Pompano Beach Can Be


Starting out in a new home can be an expensive undertaking, whether buying a permanent residence or renting a beachside retreat. Orange Movers helps in easing your moving expenses with affordable local moving packages. We structure each move to meet individual needs, and focus on giving you stellar service, while still leaving you with money to get settled in. Call us now and learn just how affordable moving can be.


Running a commercial location is costly, and having to relocate into a new office space can quickly put you in the red. Orange Movers has special expertise in business relocation, surveying your business to come up with a moving solution that will keep it going. Our effectiveness at making a commercial relocation quick is second to none, and you’ll find that your business barely misses a beat. Big or small, Orange Movers will ensure that moving your business won’t put your books in the red.


Even with items that seem impossible to move, Orange Movers can come up with an affordable solution. Specialty items like plasma TVs, expensive antiques, and invaluable heirlooms are all packed with care and carefully placed inside of their new home. Call us now if you are wondering how you’re going to get Grandma’s baby grand into the moving van. With Orange Movers, no matter how big or awkward you think it is, there is a way to move it.

Local Moving in Miami

You Want a Moving Company You Can Trust

To Move All Your Belongings in Your New Home
Since starting out in Southern Florida, Orange Movers has grown to be the most trusted local mover in the area. We have a list full of repeat clients, with over half of our business coming from word of mouth. Our reputation is built on integrity, hard work and fair prices, qualities we share with every move in Pompano Beach we have the pleasure to make. Contact Orange Movers today and get started on planning your move with a company you know you can depend on.

Secure Storage of Your Stuff

For the Long and Short Haul
Not only can Orange Movers transport your possessions, we will store them too. Not every move in Pompano Beach is from one address to the next. If you have a break in between houses, or just need a place to store some unneeded stuff, ask us about our secure storage facility. Available for both long and short term storage, these units may be just what you need before settling down. Call us now and see how affordable a secure storage solution can be.

Local Moving with a Move-Warming Gift

When you move in Pompano Beach with Orange Movers, we won’t give you a houseplant, but we will start you off with ten packing boxes for free. Plus, if you need a little time in between homes, we throw in storage at no cost for one month. Your friends and family give the gifts to make the house a home, but we give you the free stuff that will ensure that you get there first. Give us a call and get a quote on your local move in Pompano Beach now.

Moving in Pompano Beach is Not a DIY Project

Rental trucks and portable storage units do not give you the same moving experience that you get with Orange Movers. For practically the same cost, our professional team takes care of the hard work, and your belongings are never left out in the dark. Don’t go through the trouble of a do it yourself move when we can do it all for you at an affordable price. Your time and energy is like money in the bank, make the most of it with a full service move.

Our South Florida Service Areas Include

Miami-Dade & Broward Counties

Friendly and Professional Moving Services

From Start to Finish
From the very first phone call you have with Orange Movers you will feel the difference in friendly service. Our professional moving staff does everything possible to make you feel at ease at each stage of your move. See for yourself by calling us now. The biggest step is making that first call, then you can leave the rest to us.
Expert Service Personal Touch

Expert Service Personal Touch