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Is Your Dream Home Waiting in Davie, Florida?

Let Orange Movers Move You Into It
With its diverse population, multiple entertainment hubs and comfortable cost of living, it’s no wonder you want to stay living in Davie. Yet you also get the same moving headaches, even though your new home or office is close by. Local moving packages from Orange Movers are the perfect solution to changing your location in Davie, without the stress or the high cost. Call our offices to learn about our specialized services for moves in Davie.

Moving in Davie?

No Matter What Type of Move You Need to Make

Orange Movers Will Get the Job Done Right


Moving is going to be stressful, no matter how small your home or how close you are relocating. The good news is that with a local move in Davie you can save money with a special package deal. The pricing plans offered with Orange Movers include a discount that makes it more cost effective than doing it yourself. Call for an appointment today to find out how much money you can save by saving time on and energy on your local move.


Stick to what you know about running your business, and let Orange Movers worry about how to move it. A commercial relocation can be a complicated project that requires expertise and an understanding of the details in local moving. With careful planning and customized service, Orange Movers can make any type of commercial relocation in Davie an easy venture. Ask our representatives about special promotions that can save you time and money on your business move.


Each move me make in Davie is special to us, but some do require a bit more finesse than others. This could be because of a large piece of furniture, an antique pool table, or a distinct collection of fine wines. If you have an item that is especially delicate, large or heavy that has to be moved, Orange Movers will come up with a solution to keep it secure. You name it, and we can move it, and in a way that upholds the pristine condition you have kept it in.

Local Moving in Miami

Full Service Local Moving

Will Actually Save You Money
You might think you are saving pennies by packing yourself, but the truth is, you are wasting time and supplies this way. Plus, you are not giving your items the same security that they would get from a professional. When you start adding a dollar value to your time and energy, you’ll quickly see how paying for a full service move in Davie is going to save you money. Go ahead and do the math, and then compare your cost to the low price that Orange Movers is going to charge.

Orange Movers Has Been Raising the Bar for Local Moving

One Heavy Box at a Time
You have certain expectations in a local moving company, and at Orange Movers, we work hard to exceed them. Friendly and knowledgeable service is just a start in how well we treat our customers. Our representatives strive to provide you with accurate local moving estimates, money saving promotions and customized services to make your move in Davie as pain free as possible.

We Guarantee the Safety of Your Stuff

Insurance cannot cover the sentimental value of your precious heirlooms and collectibles. Orange Movers does offer insurance, but we also go to great lengths to ensure that you won’t need it. Our careful packing methods include quality packing materials and sturdy boxes to prevent any damage during transport. Our crews show up fully equipped as well, so that heavy furniture and large boxes are not accidentally dropped along the way.

Cost is not the only consideration when choosing a local moving company in Southern Florida. Make sure you are also taking into account the level of service versus the personal value of your belongings.

Moving Services in Davie Florida

With various universities and colleges dispersed throughout Davie, the populous town has grown increasingly popular. When planning a local move here, you want to partner with a company that is familiar with the area and the multiple neighborhoods that encompass it. This will save you precious time when transporting your belongings from one block to another. Minimize your stress and maximize the savings by choosing a moving company that knows their way around.

All of our service professionals are going to impress you with their extensive knowledge of Davie and local moving in Southern Florida. Call us today to see firsthand the advantages of local moving with a local moving company.

Our Service Areas Include

Surfside Neighborhoods

Surrounding Cities & Towns

Even a Last Minute Move in Davie

Is No Problem for Us
Life rarely goes the way we plan, even when planning a move in Davie. Finding yourself in a last minute lurch is no reason to resort to throwing together a do it yourself plan. Our friendly staff is always available to get you out of a moving tight spot, no matter what the circumstances are that got you there. If you are in a sudden rush to move in Davie, you’ll want the help of Orange Movers.
Expert Service Personal Touch

Expert Service Personal Touch