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Get Excited About Moving in Cutler Bay

With Full Service Options and Reasonable Prices
The hard work and high price of moving can quickly take the fun out of setting up your new house. Stay excited about a local move in Cutler Bay by picking a moving company that gives you a full service experience, at a do-it-yourself cost. Local moves in Southern Florida are given special discounts and bonuses that help in saving a resident money, time and their sense of adventure. Call Orange Movers to find out more about full service local moving in Cutler Bay at a discount.

Local Moving in Cutler Bay

Are Available at a Reasonable Rates

For Homeowners and a Business Move


It is easy to forget how much stuff you actually have, until you have to pack and lift it all for a move. Moving locally only means less work for the truck, but you still have the same amount of belongings to transport safely. Professional moving services remove your physical strain by taking on the heavy work, leaving you with nothing more strenuous than planning for dinner. Choose Orange Movers, and you will get the full service moving treatment for a discounted rate, if you are moving locally in Cutler Bay, Florida.


The possible loss of business, cost of moving, and care of your business assets are just a small sampling of your worries during a commercial relocation. Your best solution for easing those concerns is partnering with a local moving company as soon as possible. The commercial moving experts at Orange Movers will start by structuring a strategy that addresses all of these issues. With a reliable local moving team at your side, a commercial relocation in Cutler Bay will be much simpler than you dared to dream possible.


Of course all of your possessions are special to you and your family, but some may require a bit more care when moving in Cutler Bay. Large art pieces, heavy furniture and outdoor ornaments all can create a delicate dilemma when it comes time to move them into a new home or office. With Orange Movers, you can expect a clear plan of action for transporting specialty items that removes them safely from your starting point, and sets them down safely at your destination. Call our team today if you have an item or collection that is going to require some extra TLC to move.

Local Moving in Miami

Our First Priority

Is in Making Sure that Our Customers are Satisfied
We have been in the local moving business for a long time, focusing our attention on Southern Florida homeowners and businesses. This has helped us to build an impeccable reputation, both for high quality services and reasonable pricing plans. Most of our new customers come from referrals, further proof of our client’s trust in our local moving skills. Moving is a big undertaking. When you’re getting ready to make yours, make sure that it is with a local moving company that has a long line of satisfied customers to back them up.

Full Service Moving in Cutler Bay, Florida

Where You Still Have Money Left Over to Buy a Welcome Home Sign
Before dismissing the luxury of a full service move because of the supposed cost, do a quick price comparison. Time is money, especially when you are trying to navigate a relocation. Plus, with fuel charges, insurance, and extra mileage fees, a rental truck is no longer a big savings option. At Orange Movers, we offer discounted prices for local moves in Cutler Bay, making it easy to hand over the hard work at a low cost. Call us to find out more about local moves and comfortable prices before settling on a moving option that gives you more work than you can afford.

Freebies, Discounts and Deals for Your Local Move in Cutler Bay

No other Florida moving company is offering the same high quality service with so many discounts. Free boxes, free storage and money taken off of your bill, are just one of the many ways Orange Movers goes out of our way to show you our appreciation.

Don’t forget to ask about the types of local moving deals you are eligible for. Not only is there a discount for Cutler Bay moves within a 100 mile radius, you could qualify for a senior rate or more free boxes, depending on the circumstance.

We Dare You to Take a Magnifying Glass to Your Contract

At Orange Movers, expect complete transparency in our pricing. Other Florida moving companies hide extra fees in the fine print, but not us. We offer on-site estimates in order to give you a contract that you can count on.

Not reading the fine print could cost you after a local move. Avoid unexpected charges by planning yours with the company that encourages you to read every word of your contract first. Call us now and set up an in-home binding quote for your local move.

Our South Florida Service Areas Include

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You Can’t Put a Price Tag

On Professional Service
We don’t charge extra for being professional and courteous at every turn of your move, that’s just another perk of doing business with us. When your moving day finally rolls around, expect a friendly and helpful crew to show up ready to get to work.
Expert Service Personal Touch

Expert Service Personal Touch