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Pros and Cons of Moving in the Winter

Moving During the Holidays? Pros and Cons of Moving in the Winter (Even In South Florida)

‘Tis the season when the joy of giving and sharing starts at home. And if that home is moving? It might be even better.

While it can be a time of cold weather (in some parts) and more traffic (in others), there are good and bad reasons to move during the winter. But what could be a bad reason in New York, might actually be a good reason in South Florida, and vice versa.

If you’re considering moving to South Florida during the holidays or the winter season, read on for our take on the pros and cons.

It’s a Less Busy Time of Year… Kind of

Any mover will tell you that September through February is the off season for moving and a better time to move. During these months, moving companies are less busy and thus have more available moving dates and can possibly offer better rates.

This is true in most of the country and fairly true in South Florida as well. But keep in mind this is also the high season for tourism in Miami, Miami Beach and the extended area. With greater crowds and more city and outdoor events taking place, these areas are often busier this time of year.

The Snow Bird Effect

Like migratory birds, thousands of people move to South Florida each year to spend their winters in the warm weather. We call them “snow birds” and while they add a little spice and international flavor to local living, they also bring increased traffic and competition for housing.

They might also use moving companies to a smaller extent when they migrate down in October or November and leave in February or March. Your move to Miami Beach, Boca Raton or Hollywood, Florida (a favorite of Canadian snow birds) for example, might still be affected by traffic, congestion or a busy moving schedule during this time.

Cold Weather? What Cold Weather?

What’s usually a con of moving mid-winter turns into a pro once you cross the state line into Florida. The weather will cooperate with balmy 60- or 70-degree temps during your move and our moving professionals will even tell you they prefer working in these conditions.

If you’re moving out of South Florida to colder states, however, you’ll face a few winter complications. Snow, ice, storms and freezing temperatures can all delay your moving timetable. Safety can also be an issue when moving during this season.

In Florida, the most you’ll need to worry about is what to do with all of the unnecessary winter clothing you’ve brought with you.

School Interruptions Won’t Change

Unfortunately, winter moves will still interrupt your child’s time in school, whether you’re moving into or out of South Florida. This isn’t ideal for their education, but Florida Virtual School, which is used by the public school system, might help them recoup some of their lost time.

Competition for Housing is Mixed

While winter is ordinarily a time when there’s less competition for housing, the outlook is mixed during this season in South Florida. This is because competition is often lower for single-family homes, but may be higher if you’re looking at condominiums or apartments. There’s a greater influx of snowbirds, international residents and others competing for smaller spaces then, which might affect pricing and availability.

Whether you’re moving to Miami or Poughkeepsie, it’s clear that the challenges of a winter move can vary. While the temperature on the thermostat might be friendlier here, there are other aspects that may affect you. Only you can decide if winter is the best time for you and your family to move to South Florida.

Need help coordinating your move to the area? Get a free moving quote with our online calculator or contact us with any questions you might have.

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