Tips for choosing the right moving boxes

Tips for choosing the right moving boxes When you are relocating to Florida you need to know how to choose the right moving boxes.  The most important step in every relocation is to know how to pack your household goods like a pro. To ensure that your stuff is protected and safe during a move […]

What your residential movers won’t do

What your residential movers won’t do When you are moving with Miami moving companies, it can be very stressful thinking what movers won’t move. Of course that you are thinking what residential movers won’t do especially when you are planning a long distance move. So, before you start packing your household goods, it is important to […]

Moving from Canada to South Florida

Moving from Canada to South Florida Moving from Canada to South Florida can seem to you like a really hard job to do. But, with right help, relocating to Florida can be an exciting experience. If you get tired of cold in Canada then Florida is the right place for you. In South Florida and […]

The 7 Day Moving Sprint

Luckily most moves are planned in advance, giving you weeks to find a moving company in Florida, buy your supplies and pack your things. When this is not the case, and circumstances prevail that are forcing you to move fast, you’ll need to rely on ingenuity, energy and help from experts in order to get the job done in less than a week.

Residential Moving Tips: Moving Into Assisted Living

As we grow older, and our bodies get weaker, it can get harder and harder to live on our own. If you or a loved one are no longer able to manage routine activities by yourself, residential assisted living facilities in Miami can be a great choice. Many of these communities are like living in your own apartment or condo, giving you as much independence as you need, while still giving you help managing daily tasks. These residential moving tips can help you manage the transition from living by yourself to an assisted living community.

House Moving

Funny but Frightening House Moving Accidents

These funny, but alarming, house moving accidents are a great example of what happens when movers, or questionable moving companies, don’t know what they’re doing. These kinds of things are why it’s so important to hire a good house moving company well in advance of your moving day.